Sauteed Softshell Crab, Sea Scallops, and Shrimp with Broccoli and Rice Casserole

Tonight we’re eating chili-lime marinated sauteed shrimp as well as sauteed sea scallops and soft-shell crab served with poblano, broccoli, and rice casserole and boiled artichoke with a vinegarette for dipping.

A: alright, let me just start with saying, maybe we should have waited a few days before eating more seafood, although I was really wanting more. See the problem here was I got all this seafood from Albertsons, and it was crap.
T: Albertsons is going down.
A: Downtown Julie Brown.
T: Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Yay Walmart!
A: hey! You’re not supposed to say that! We didn’t disclose yesterday where we got that fish from!
T: I just saying.
A: yeah, I know you just saying.
T: I have a theory that walmart secretly owns whole foods.
A: and I do not share that theory. I think you crazy in the coconut.
T: I’m joking of course, but we all know that if walmart wanted to destroy whole foods it would do it in 5 minutes.
A: I completely disagree. I think a lot of the people who provide whole foods with their fantastic selection would morally disagree with walmart and refuse to go into business with them to take whole foods down.
T: Money talks, and bullshit walks… case in point. I seem to remember somebody saying they would never go to walmart, even if it was cheaper, for MORAL reasons. But then the money started talkin.
A: all I gots to say is, the specialty distributers who would be providing walmart with food for their whole-food-esque store aren’t quite as broke as I am.
T: So anyway, money talks and bullshit walks.
A: yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s get on with the blog mr. moneytalker…. So what’d ya think?
T: The casserole was terrific, the scallops were tender and flavorful. The shrimps were a delight. The artichoke was great as usual. And I was questioning the soft-shell crab.
A: alright, you know that I am the world’s biggest soft-shell crab fan.
T: true
A: but, it was a struggle for me to put down the half of one on my plate tonight. Here’s a warning to all readers: DO NOT BUY SOFTSHELL CRAB FROM ALBERTSONS. They suck! (in Baton Rouge you can find local softshell crabs every saturday at the Farmer’s Market downtown)
T: So, my rating is… overall the meal gets an 8/10. The casserole alone would have gotten a 9/10. The casserole was my favorite part. It had a distinctive flavor from other similar casseroles that I’ve had. Was that because of the cream of poblano soup you used?
A: why, yes, Tyler, I believe it was.
T: it was quite a refreshing flavor to get in a casserole like that.
A: thank you, thank you.
T: What I liked about the scallops was that they were not overly seasoned, so I could really taste the scallop itself.
A: was it a good scallop?
T: it was.
A: I loved the scallops. They were the only seafood that tasted fresh tonight. I’m going to remove my thoughts on softshell crab when giving this rating, otherwise my rating would be incredibly low. So the meal minus the crab was a 7.6/10. It was good, but it was lacking the freshness I need from seafood, and reminded me why I don’t buy seafood from the grocery store.
T: Yeah, that wasn’t the freshest…. What would you have rated the meal including the crab?
A: 4.7, 4.8.
T: that’s pretty low.
A: the crab was a huge disappointment. Although I did eat it, I didn’t enjoy it.
T: I think we’ve learned a lot tonight.
A: walmart’s never going to take over whole foods, and don’t buy seafood from albertsons. Now, what have you learned?
T: I’ve learned … well, I guess a knew that albertsons sucks and walmart owns china, but…
A: silliness, it’s all silliness, I tell you.

Je, samahani bwana, una surauli ya rangi nyeupe?
Perdoname, senor, tienes pantalones blanca?

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  1. keith says:

    There is one thing you never want to buy — bargain seafood. Usually all of it is farm raised, and just like beef and port, farm raised doesn’t have the healthiest standards in producing fish and shellfish. You want to get REAL seafood from the ocean not some chemically tainted pond. And then the supermarkets also add chemicals to keep the less than healthy fish looking good. Go to a REAL fish market! I’m lucky enough to live close to a great seafood market. I don’t regret paying extra for quality. I can tell you that once you go to a nice fish market, the grocery store stuff will look and smell so bad that you won’t want it.