pasta with roasted garlic-and thyme white sauce

Roasted Garlic and Thyme White Sauce (AKA Playing with Leftovers)

What’s a girl to do with a ton of leftover sauces from pizza night?!? Make pasta of course! This dish was comprised of macaroni tossed with broccoli, sauteed red peppers, seared chicken & (leftover) caramelized onions in a mix of roasted garlic and thyme white sauce and classic tomato pizza sauce. Since the hardest part about making a dish like this is cooking the pasta according to the package and saucing it I’m only going to write a proper recipe for the roasted garlic sauce and let you guys wing the rest. 😉

Tip: Add broccoli florets to the boiling pasta for the last two minutes of cook time then just drain with pasta and add to sauce.

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