pizza's about to go into the oven at the Rincon Surf School, Rincon Puerto Rico

Pizza Coma, er, Party!

Traffic jam of pizzas awaiting their turn in the oven!

It’s fifteen minutes until midnight and my pizza-induced comatose brain is refusing to come up with words to describe to you the pizza party mayhem that played out at the Rincon Surf School this evening. Let’s just say there was a flurry of flour flying about and the kitchen was briefly turned into a frenzied factory that produced many mini pizza.

I’m uber fortunate that even though I live a few thousand miles and a sea or two from my closest blood relative, I’ve got a ton of “family” here in Rincon. The delightful family behind the Rincon Surf School, the Moore’s, have taken me in and adopted me as one of their motley crew. Nearly every week for the last couple of months, I’ve invaded the surf school, commandeered the kitchen and have shared a family meal with them. I love having dinner around the table and talking about how everybody’s days have been going. As a single 30 something, it creates warm fuzzies in place in me that wants to be filled. I grew up in a family that had proper meals sitting around the table every night and I love it. Thank you to Travis and Asia for opening up your home and always welcoming me in so warmly! You guys rock!

Travis handling up on pizza
Travis handling up on prepping the area for the next pizza to pop out of the oven (and Jimmy photo-bombing). 😉

So about that whole “warm fuzzy dinner around the table” thing – that totally wasn’t the case this week! This week we planned on doing a pizza party where I make some dough and sauces and everybody who comes brings a topping then we all play with dough and make our own pizzas. Turns out that between Asia (who is also an avid cook) and me we probably didn’t really need for everyone coming to bring something. We had plenty of dough and a plethora of toppings for enough pizza to fill us all to the brink of needing a gurney to be carted away on. Pizza after pizza was slide into the oven and pizza after delicious pizza was pulled out for the crowd to feast on.

Every surface covered in topppings
Every imaginable surface was covered with pizza toppings and pre-baked pizzas.

I guess that since this is a food blog it’s only appropriate for me to list some of the ingredients we had lined up for the party. We had a traditional red sauce, chipotle barbecue, roasted garlic and thyme cream sauce, buffalo chicken, mashed sweet potato, balsamic glaze, goat cheese, asiago, broccoli, sauteed mushrooms, ground beef, peppers, red onions, shaved fennel, prosciutto, cheddar, pepperjack, mozzarella, colby, bacon, pepperoni, tomatoes, and, uh, pretty sure I’m missing a topping or two. And this is why I’m in a pizza coma.

Whit after one too many slices of pizza
Photographical evidence of Whit’s pizza-induced pregnant belly while still managing (barely) to finish off one final piece to pose for this shot. Way to take one for the team, hommie!

*Special thanks to the Rincon Surf School team for remembering to snap off a few pics with their cell phones during dinner (which I totally yoinked off of Facebook) so that I have proof that the night ever happened. 😉

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