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Festive Friday: Let the Season Begin!

Some of my all-time favorite ladies at El Bohio, Halloween 2012!

Living in a seasonal beach community has it’s ups and downs. In the high-season, everything is going so intensely, all the time that it’s easy to reach burn-out levels in no time. Conversely, in the off-season things are so slow that sometimes the urge to get out of town just to see a different face from the same 10 you’ve been staring at (lovingly) for months is overwhelming. 😉 Fortunately we are in the middle of the seasons changing. Right now while you guys up north are beginning the transition from chilly fall to the first tastes of full on winter, we are going from it being sweltering with nobody in town and half the restaurants and bars being closed to it becoming tolerably warm during the days (and a brisk low of 70ish at night) and establishments reopening as the hoards of people begin to trickle in. Tonight my absolute favorite bar in town reopens, El Bohio, aka my “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. Happy hour begins in 5 minutes which means I’m gonna be late by posting this! I promise to take pictures and do a full write-up on El Bohio this week but as of right now, I wish you all a fabulous Friday. Here’s to embracing the seasonal changes, whatever that means to each of us. Salud!

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