Outside of amanda simpson's fridge

Wanna Peep Show? (Inside My Fridge… get your mind outta the gutter)

The juxtaposition where Baby/Wedding Announcements meet Queens of the Stone Age. :)

Do you ever wonder what the inside of other people’s fridge looks like? I swear I remember doing a meme on this back in like 2006-ish (coulda been ’08, who can remember?). In the meme, each food blogger revealed the inside of his/her fridge to the public. As someone who does food for a living this can be quite a vulnerable thing to do. So here it is, in it’s unabashed glory/shame… the unedited current state of my fridge.

inside of amanda simpson's fridge
The big reveal!

Two things!
1) Count the number of sriracha tops! Not all of them or the OG sauce – I like to make my own and store them in old bottles too. At least 4 different homemade hot sauces are scattered in there. 🙂
2) It’s Puerto Rico! (aka suuuuuper humid) If you want salt, flour, sugar, etc. to not become a soggy puddle or clump it needs to be refrigerated/frozen. Most of my cold storage grain/dry goods and produce.

So what does the inside of your’s look like? I’d love to see it! Dare to bare!

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