Baked Salmon and Pilafed Rice

Tonight we’re eating baked salmon marinated with lemon and thyme garnished with pecorino romano and thyme sprigs, served over basmati rice, pilafed with mushrooms, carrots, onions, and fresh herbs.

T: yeah so we really don’t eat fish too much. mmmm this salmon sure was good… ooh it makes me want fish.
A: total ditto to that, dude. This made me want to buy more fish. I just wish we could get decent fish at a decent price in Baton Rouge.
T: Where did you get this fish, Amanda?
A: I got this fish at a wretchedly unmentionable store.
T: why would you go to a wretchedly unmentionable store?
A: because they’re cheap. Fortunately today they had a decent salmon piece on display.
T: it certainly was decent. To say the least…. how were the lines at this store today?
A: unbelievable. Actually, I know you’ve experienced them to this level in the past seven days so I guess it is believable.
T: crazy.
A: no joke. makes me never want to go to the store, and I love grocery shopping.
T: Oh yeah, and that rice went really well with the fish. They were seamless.
A: welp, what’d you give them, there, big man?
T: I gave the meal a 9.489.
A: wow, that is really close to a 9.5, but it just didn’t make it, huh?
T: nope, not quite 9.5 material. I just kidding.
A: oh, it’s quite alright, I agree it’s not 9.5 material. But it is damn good. I give it an 8.9. It was awesome. But the consistency of this fish isn’t what it could have been if I’d been able to find better fish.
T: It was a healthy meal, too.
A: yeah, we had a salad with it, although it’s not pictured. So we did get a well-balanced meal.
T: oh yeah.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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