Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Amanda’s Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Gotta get me some o dat

There is nothing that seems to scream of the holidays more than pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Here we’ve taken the traditional pumpkin pie and added a few twists… like the addition of ginger juice and molassas, as well as using fresh roasted pumpkin puree rather than the canned stuff. This pie was so amazing i’ve been restraining myself from eating the last few pieces before tyler has a chance to get his fill. (note: i’ve eaten 2/3 the pie and if T doesn’t get his act together he’s gonna miss out on the remaining goods, too!)

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  1. aria says:

    i do the same thing with ginger in a garliv press. i knew i loved you! simple fried rice w/ lots of ginger juice, green onion, egg, and soy is one of my fav thingd in the world.

    this pie looks wonderful, i didnt get any pumpkin this year chris went to 2 diff stores that were flat out. it’s a good thing you didnt post this on turkeyday, he might have stolen it right from your windowsill!

  2. Heather says:

    Here we go! Bring it on!

  3. Tyler says:

    My act’s together. stay away from my 1/3 pumpkin pie! that’s my pumkin pie!

  4. michellephant says:

    That is one damn fine looking pie. I made homemade whipped for my pie too…I added some cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom to echo the flavors in the pie and everyone loved that.

  5. Amanda says:

    right on aria! are we geniuses, or what?!? i mean, what could be better than ginger juice? screw the ground stuff! those bastards at the stores must have been plotting against you. i can here them now “everybody, quick… hide the pumpkin pie! chris is coming!” hopefully you’ll get at least a few slices during the december holidays! a season with no pumpkin pie! gasp! what trechery! 😉

    see heather! i’m not a lazy sack-o-crap! i promise to do another recipe tomorrow too!

    bitch(t), you best hit that pie up soon….or else

    why thank ya, mi-chelle! i bet the spiced whipped cream was totally rocking! pictures pictures pictures! i’m sad you’re foodblog is still in a transitional state :-(

  6. Deshar says:

    My name is Deshar and I am twelve. I have made this recipe for pumpkin pie with my mum (I live in Australia, not America!) and my grandma. It is absolutely delicious! My mother keeps on claiming it as her own!

    But it sometimes burns. We don’t have a very efficient oven, unfortunately. This is the only recipe I have looked at from this website, but I am about to look at more! Oh, and I agree Tyler is very, very lucky!

    From Deshar.

  7. Marie M. says:

    I just happened by your website. This may be a wee bit late . . . but . . . the trick to whipped cream is to use regular heavy cream. NOT the ultra pasteurized kind. I use the non ultra pasteurized type and it takes me just few minutes to whip it up. I don’t even do the cold bowl thing. What’s weird is it can be difficult to find the old fashioned heavy whipped cream. But ask and look and you’ll find it makes such a difference.

    Your recipe looks great. What kind of pumpkin do you use? Just what I can get at the market?

  8. Amanda says:

    Thanks, Marie! Just use a pie pumpkin. They are smaller than the kind you carve and have a sweeter meat. Thanks for the tip on the heavy cream! I have to admit, these days I’m far to lazy to chill my bowl either. Now I just power through it and whip like mad until I can git er done. 😉