Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner… ouch.

The whole shebang
Eater rating: 4.8 / 5  4.75

For thanksgiving dinner, we cooked (and ate) an insane amount of food. There were traditional cheasapeake bay crab cakes, herby oyster and bacon stuffing with duck gravy, seared duck breast with a cranberry, pommegranate, and red wine sauce; there were brussels sprouts with spiced walnuts, bleu cheese, and bacon deglazed with red wine vinegar. There was also spinach gratin, and homemade rosemary clover rolls. For dessert we stayed with traditions and ate homemade pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Be sure to check back over the next week or so as we go through these dishes on-by-one, giving recipes, ratings, and pictures for each!

Man gets drenched
Maybe not the best place to walk with your luggage
A: OOOOF! my god, was that a filling meal or what?
T: it was damn filling. There’s no other time when we eat… 1.. 2… 6 dishes in one meal, plus desert, plus beer. That’s a lot of eating.
A: damn straight it is. i was reading an article on slashfood that was suggesting ways to lighten up the standard american Thanksgiving dinner. I just found that outrageous… it’s supposed to be a day of total bounty. Not a day to lighten the load. I personally only eat one (sometimes two) meals this size a year. Lets leave the calorie counting for the other 364 days.
T: right-o! I was just thinking, I wonder what is less healthy, a huge meal like this, or a California Burrito. What’d you think?
A: hmm… well, the california burrito certainly wins on the most cholesterol, but as far as calories are concerned, i’d have to say t-day wins.
T: well, as I see it there’s nothing wrong with calories, as long as they get burned. So I’m going to say Thanksgiving dinner was a step toward healthy-eating for me.
A: heheheh silly boy. i think our photo is a slight bit misleading… neither of us actually ate the entirety of our plates! not to say we didn’t stuff our faces, but…
T: we also ate a decent amount before we got started on our official meal, let’s not forget.
A: i definately did have to “taste” throughout the cook-fest to make sure everything was seasoned correctly 😉 but in our caloric defense, the only thing other than the meal i ate for the whole day was a 100 calorie granola bar.
T: So how’d you rate the meal?
A: i have to say i was quite pleased with the outcome of my labors… I give thanksgiving dinner, as a whole, a 4.7/5. The crab cakes were spot on, the duck was yummy, the stuffing was… well you get the picture, i don’t want to say too much since we’re going to see each item in-depth very soon.
T: yeah, you were feeling it yesterday. everything you made was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe my mouth. I rate the meal overall a 4.8/5. Each item was so good that we have to give each one its time in the spotlight. I think I’m going to eat some pumpkin pie now.
A: breakfast is the perfect time of day for pumpkin pie! hmm… anytime of day is the perfect time for pumpkin pie!
T: quite true! Ok, so we’re going to Palm Springs for a night, but check back soon because over the next week we will be detailing each of these wicked dishes, one by one. Till then, we leave you with this picture of a guy walking by the water. I don’t know why he chose this route for carrying his luggage, but it was a mistake. A hilarious mistake.

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  1. gagatka says:

    I must say I was nver attracted by Thanksgiving food idea (thought only about this stuffed turkey and cranberries) but that looks gorgeous:)

  2. michellephant says:

    Man…kind of sad I didn’t come over after all…or rather sad YOU didn’t come over…next time we’re both in town for an eatin’ holiday, we have to coordinate our meals! This looks awesome!

  3. Shelly says:

    I need a fork please! MMM looks yummy!

  4. Heather says:

    Looks delish, but let’s get on with the individual dishes, shall we? Happy Late Thanksgiving!

  5. Tyler says:

    I agree, Shelly. Yummy. :)

    Heather, thank you, we need a push sometimes :)

  6. aria says:

    pardon et moi!! miss herby oyster and bacon stuffing with duck gravy! oy vey, that sounds devine. really really devine! your powers are growing in strength amanda, don’t forget us little people when you get your own show and and we all throw heaps of money at you because we can’t helfp ourselves :)

  7. Amanda says:

    gagatka, i know what you mean. i’m not really crazy about the whole stuffed turkey and cranberry thing either! :-) maybe because that was never a tradition in my family, but crab cakes and duck breast… hell yeah!

    definately michelle! we will have to start communication for those meals way in advanced before either of us has gotten too far along! (like this time 😉 ) btw, i’m still waiting and hoping you’ve got some pics from your meal! i’m sure it was gorgeous…hmm… although it’s sometimes tough to make a hungry crowd wait around while you take photos

    shelly, i bet we could scrounge up a fork!

    yes ma’am, miss feather… right away! 😀 (or soon, anyway!)

    qui qui madamoiselle na merci! why you know i would never forget all the important muses out there making such goodies as those damn meyer lemon cakes that still have me salivating! seriously, everytime i visit your page i want it to be summer, eating a cake and having a kitty play with me! damn you! that’s how you plan to foil me! with those lovely distractions 😉 and….if people want to throw money at me they could go ahead and start on that! mental health counselors don’t make shit for money in socal!… here money money money…

  8. Tokyo says:

    wow, i wanna eat thanksgiving at your house.