cat sleeping on mouse

Wordless Wednesday: Cat and Mouse

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  1. Nicole says:

    LOVE this photo! He looks so sweet, you’d never guess that he’s an insane attack cat in his other life…

  2. Allen says:

    Too funny! Who knew that mice made such good pillows 🙂

  3. Amber says:

    How cute!

    “I haz a mouse.. and a nap. I haz a nap. Nap wins.”

  4. That rocks! Love it!

  5. leena! says:

    Adorable. And? This cat looks like a tiny version of my Nugget. Although my Nugget got a little junk in the trunk, if you know what I mean. Ain’t no shame in that game.

  6. Anna Jo Noviello says:

    Dear Amanda and Tyler,
    I just found your blog after looking for a recipe for Choc. Ganache Dipped Strawberries and I’m now a fan and will be checking back regularly. The recipes, writing and photography are amazing. Keep up the good work.
    Anna Jo from Greensburg, PA