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Amanda’s food factory « What We’re Eating – A Food & Recipe Blog
Amanda's Kitchen

Amanda’s food factory

It's a good kitchen (despite our bitching)
Eater rating: 2.3 / 5  2.3

Ilva from Lucullian delights came up with a wonderful idea for a post, which happened to inspire us, so we’ve decided to show you guys where it all goes down… here are a few pictures of our kitchen area. Lovely isn’t it?

our small oven
The itsy bitsy oven…circa 1950
A: well here it is. this is where all the magic happens for WWE…. not particularly exciting, eh? 😛 but hey, we’re in our twenties and living two blocks from the pacific ocean!
T: yes it’s certainly wonderful when you consider the living conditions of so many people in the world. We’re doing aaaallright.
A: giggity giggity. 😛 definately true. as my dad would say, “folks have done a lot worse than this”. while this kitchen could be improved upon, what couldn’t?
T: it’s true. we always bitch about how small that oven is… how it’s the size of a large microwave..
A: which it is…
T: how it is too small to fit even your pizza stone in it… how… it’s ugly. How about the stove? 2 functional burners, 2 disfunctional burners.
A: yeah… not optimal, but we seem to make it work. we’ve even cooked holiday meals in this microwave sized oven and two burner stove…and just so you know, it’s the two small right burners that actually work. I would give anything for a large burner! or for a gas stove!… well… maybe not anything!
T: well it’s a good thing you caught yourself there, because I was thinking of all kinds of things that you could offer me in exchange for a new range. 😀
A: heheh like what? i’m still open to suggestions!
T: let’s talk about it after the blog is over, k sweetie?
A: you’re one dirty dog, pepita. 😛 One other thing i would also change about our kitchen if given a chance would be the lack of dishwasher. i haven’t really lived with a dishwasher (other than, you, Tyler) since i moved out of my parents house when i was 18.
T: dishwashers are nice. People who have never had them tend to be naysayers, but once you’ve had one… it’s easy to become adjusted. Hmmm… what would you rate our kitchen?
A: 😉 always a rating! i dunno, i guess i would give our kitchen a… hmmm…. a 2.5/5. Oooooh it’s half way there..ooooh oooh living on a prayeeer….
T: I wish I knew the next line to sing along, but that’s all I know. God I love Bon Jovi. I give our kitchen a 2.1. It does the job, but it’s tiny and the range doesn’t work too well. And the damn oven is too small for your pizza stone which I got you for your damn birthday.our sink
Da sink

A: two years in a row! it’s a shame we forgot to pack the one you gave me in louisiana, which is now sitting in your dad’s garage. 😛 the one thing i do like about our kitchen is the counter space. even though it’s not particularly deep, we’ve got lots of it. and generally when cooking, i use almost all of it! woo hoo… go kitchen with counter space.
T: our next kitchen will have: an island, a double oven, a gas stove, a mondo fridge, lots of natural light, a dishwasher, and a doggy at your feet.
A: our next kitchen?!?! i guess it’s good to think big! gotta keep those positive vibes flowing in, you know. i will be happy if our next kitchen has a dishwasher, a full sized oven, and all four burners on the stove working. all the rest is lagniappe.

18 comments so far:

  1. ilva says:

    Thanks! It looks great!

  2. jef says:

    It’s nice to see that your kitchen is actually bigger than mine.
    I’ll take some photos of mine, you’d be surprised how small they can get. 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    thanks ilva!

    jef, i know! we actually have quite a large kitchen for a one bedroom in OB, it’s just that only half the appliances work! i’ve lived in a couple studios in louisiana and i definately know the small kitchen only too well! i would love to see some photos of yours! if you can get them up by tomorrow on your blog you can take part in the minor event hosted by ilva! you just have to email her the permalink (her email can be found on her site! we linked to it in the post)

  4. Bobby says:

    Is it an electric or gas stove? Either way, it waould be fairly simple and cheap to fix. I know how tough it can be cooking on or in a small stove/oven. I used to cook on a coleman stove for about 2 years, then got a commercial stove. Now I have to use a regular household stove, which is fairly new. Life is tough. I never really use it anyway, much like the Kitchenaid we bought, with dreams of breads, cakes, and many other goodies. One day, maybe when I only have 2 jobs…..

  5. Bobby says:

    Oh yeah, Y’all have lots of usable counter space, and its small so less steps to get things form the fridge, or put dirty pots and pans in teh sink for Pepita to razzle dazzle. If oyu had more space, it would just have more junk on/in it, or is that me? What is the round thing with dials on it in the top picture? Is it a timed cake slice dispenser that only lets you have a slice of cake at the same time everyday, like when your owner is out of town, or away at work?

  6. Amanda says:

    bobby, it’s electric! boogie oogie oogie! 😉 god that was just plain wrong. you know, if i were in louisiana i would rob you of your unused kitchenaid! 🙁 oh how i long for one! So i keep unplugging and replugging the electric burners and it just doesn work. i don’t really know how to get underneath because it’s not connected to an oven, it’s connected to the countertop and the cabinets directly below! help mix master B! what do i do?!? ha! only two jobs?!? you must be dreaming! 😛

  7. aria says:

    my kitchen is akin to yours. thats what you get whn you want beach location, you sacrifice the kitchen. we recently bought a new fridge, our 1st one we got on craigslist for 100$ the week we moved here in an act of desperation. it lasted 2 yrs tho. poor thing up a died one one day. i dream someday of an island too.

  8. Maegan says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who quotes Dad’s most frequently uttered statement…but did you sigh, lean back and pat your stomach while doing it???

  9. Adam says:

    I posted something like this a while back, both here: (this is my kitchen)

    and here: (and this is dave, the fumbling foodie’s)

  10. Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear…wooaah, livin’ on a praaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyerrrrrrrr.

    I can’t believe how clean your kitchen is. Did you clean it just for the photo or is it really that spic n span?

  11. Bobby says:

    have you swapped out heating elements to see ifthey may be bad. If so or that does not work, take all of the elements off, and the chromed pieces, the top may or may not just lift up. If you can find the info, let me know who the manufacturer is, and a model number. It may be underneath. It seems like the top would lift up after the elements are removed, but that might be too logical. If you really want, take a closer pic of the stove and send it to me. Also are the two non working elements on the same side, or both in the front, back, basically any “pattern?”

  12. Lea says:

    You forgot to peel the label off your dish drainer!!!!

  13. Kristen says:

    It’s a gorgeous kitchen!

  14. Kalyn says:

    Oh if only you could have seen the kitchen I had when I was in my twenties. And nowhere near the ocean either. I’d say you guys are doing just fine. And I won’t even consider telling you how old I was when I got my first dishwasher, LOL.

  15. Anjali says:

    I agree…We shld cherish what we have….

  16. Sally says:

    You kitchen is efficiently designed to save you steps, and that’s a good thing. I don’t know… do you own your home or are you renting? Because if you own it, then go to the Salvation Army and buy a working stove! Duh. LOL You kids remind me of my kids. You look like you are having fun. Great site you’ve got here.

  17. Amanda says:

    bobby, i only wish the turning dial thingy was a timed cake dispenser! and that it was continuously filled with yummy fresh cakes. sadly, it’s just a spice thingy. i think the adjustable dials are supposed to release a certain amount of whatever spice you put in them at a time. since i get all my spices from the bulk section of my local produce market, i just several different bags in each container (which i will one day get around to labeling). as far as the stove is concerned, i couldn’t even find a brand name on it! it’s so old that it’s worn off. the property manager said that it was the stove/oven that was put in when they built the place in the 40’s (or was it 50’s). i tried to find a way to remove any part of the stove and i couldn’t figure it out. both the burners are on the same side of the stove, and it didn’t matter if i swapped out the heating elements. i will take some close ups so you can see what i’m dealing with soon! Thanks!

    aria, maybe when we’re older we could afford both a beach locations and a wonderful kitchen! sigh. we can dream 😛 but, i’m still happy with the beach location, for now.

    maegan, since we weren’t eating anything when i said dad’s catch phrase, i didn’t do any sighing or belly rubbing. that’s only when i eat crab. (which is next to never) 😉

    Adam, you’ve got a great kitchen! all that counter space, and wide open to boot!

    thanks for the lyrical help, Michelle! and yeah… for the most part the kitchen stays about that clean! unless, of course, i have just finished cooking and am in a hurry to scurry off to work… then it stays a mess till the morning!

    lea, i don’t know what it is about peeling off labels, but i tend to do that with lots of things! i just don’t really like to fight with adhesive 😛 i think it frustrates me when only the top layer peels off then you’re left with that thin layer of mostly adhesive and a little paper that just refuses to budge and you have to scrape it off with your nails, which feels icky! wow. i have issues! so, to get to the point, with some things i just say, what the heck! leave it on.

    Thanks Kristen!

    thanks kalyn! i know! we are doing just fine…. better than fine even! i don’t doubt that it will be quite some time until we get a dish washer (it’s low priority for me in the grand scheme of things)

    Absolutely Anjali! i definately think that’s very important. tyler and i are sooo incredibly luck for all that we’ve got.

    thanks sally! 🙂 unfortunately we’re just renting so i don’t really i know if the landlord would approve of us remodeling his kitchen! (and frankly, we can’t afford to do that for an apartment we don’t own!) we’re glad you stopped in for a visit!

  18. Nicole says:

    It’s funny that I ran across this post again. Funny because now that I’ve actually been in your kitchen, I can see that it looks SO much bigger in the photos than in real life. And I though it looked pretty small in the photos when I first saw it 🙂