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Quinoa Stuffed Pork Chops with Green Beans and Brussels Sprouts

Eater rating: 4.4 / 5  4.4375
Tonight we’re eating double-cut pork chops stuffed with quinoa, bacon, sauteed spinach, roasted red peppers, and feta cheese. The chops were served on a bed of lemon garlic green beans and brussels sprouts. The meal was accompanied by a red wine/balsamic vinegar reduction.

T: I loved the stuffing in the pork chop. Mmm it was good. I only wish we had a photo of it.
A: I know.. we just started taking innards shots (inspired by roboppy), and it’s sooooo necessary with a meal like this. oh well, there’s always next time. it was quite good though
T: Oh, yeah, it was great. It all went very well together, too. I enjoyed the tangy but not overbearing red wine/balsamic reduction sauce too. It was quite fun to let the brussels absorb some of it. And, back to the stuffing, I could have eaten a pound of that stuff.
A: hehehe i feel like anytime i eat quinoa it doesn’t matter what else is in the dish, it’s still gonna be healthy. here i guess i felt kind of the same way, even if you had eaten a pound of it, there wasn’t THAT much bacon or feta to really hold you down. maybe next time we could have the pork on a bed of the stuffing.
T: hell yeah that would be great.
A: mmm…quinoa…bacon…feta…alright screw the rest of the meal.. lets just eat those three things. Actually i’m always a fan of veggies too, and i’ve been on this garlic/lemon kick lately.
T: yeah, really. screw everything else. let’s eat some quinoa, bacon, and feta… hey, it’s funny, we’ve never blogged about the super duper mega grain quinoa before.
A: I know. it’s definately awesome, and this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve eaten it. Shit, i used to have to make black bean and quinoa salad nearly every other day at Harvest. i’ll admit, i got a little sick of tasting it at 8 am to make sure it was properly seasoned.
T: damn I didn’t realize how much of it you made. We haven’t eaten that much of it.
A: i have
T: so, for those who don’t know about quinoa, what is it and why is it so special?
A: its a super grain, it is a complete protein – all amino acids present. It’s a great carb, with a huge amount of fiber, and good fats. Basically if you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one food, quinoa would be the one to bring if you wanted to stay healthy. me, i’d probably bring everything for burgers or pizza. 😛
T: hell yeah, i’d bring melted chocolate… ok, i’d bring chocolate and then melt it… no, i’d take melted chocolate.
A: heheheh so would you bring chocolate syrup? because wouldn’t the chocolate harden at some point?
T: NO! … meany. Dream crusher.
A: hehehe i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to shatter your world or anything.
T: the chocolate would stay melted and stay hot. yes. mmm… I want to go bobbing for apples in melted chocolate… better yet, bobbing for unmelted chocolate in melted chocolate. 😀
A: heheheh that would be quite a feat – keeping the unmelted chocolate unmelted. silly. you know, this would be a great opened question for a poll – what food would you choose to have with you on a desert island, if you could have any food?
T: you are right, that would be quite fun. we’ll have to remember that.
A: alright, back to the blog at hand…
T: ok, I give the meal a 4.75/5. It was very very tasty. One of the best stuffed pork chops that I’ve ever had. It makes me want more quinoa, too… and more feta. Thank you Jesus for feta!:-)
A: Why thank ya mista tayla, but i’ll have you know jesus didn’t make us feta, the lovely people at the dairy made us the feta. I give this meal a 3.9/5. I thought it was quite tasty but I was just unhappy that i didn’t make sure to ring all the water out of the spinach. when the chops cooked, the water released and seemed to almost steam the chops. Even though i was roasting at a high temp i couldn’t get ANY caramelization.
T: huh, crazy. I never would have known any of that. That’s loco.
L: I give the meal a … 4.6/5. I thought it was excellent.
Scott (S): If I hadn’t known it was missing caramelization, heheheh. I give it a 4.5/5 personally, because I don’t like brussels sprouts. But I ate the brussels sprouts tonight because they weren’t bitter, they were mild. So, you could say my faith in brussels sprouts was renewed.
T: ok, cool. it’s fun to have guests sharing the food with us.
A: no doubt… i think tomorrow we’ll be seeing an oldie but a goodie… STUFFED BREAD.
T: oh, baby! 😀 You better not be teasing!
A: oh… i’m not. we’ve had a special request for it, while guests are in town.
T: Man, oh, man, what the readers miss out on.
A: hehehe all they have to do is show up for dinner…
T: Yeah, uhhh, you guys are uhh … … we can’t have random internet people showing up at our house. what if they’re serial killers?
A: what if their just hungry??? we could do background checks.
T: Ok, if you can pass a background check, you can eat with us. Limit (5) random internet people per meal.
A: SHIT YEAH! come one come… five. dinner at T&A’s.
T: I’m afraid.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Aren’t you going to share the recipe for the quinoa stuffed pork chops? They sound awesome!

  2. Us says:

    Sure lisa! i just need to remember what i did. I’ll try to get it posted by the end of tonight . (they were quite good!)

  3. Gideon says:

    hahahahaha….i kept clicking on the title thinking thats where the recipe was listed!!! photo looks good!!!! guess you never remembered the recipe huh?!