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La Playa Taco Shop

Carnitas Tacos, Rice, and Refried Beans
Eater rating: 4.8 / 5  4.835
Today we paid a visit to our favorite little taco shop in San Diego, La Playa Taco Shop. La Playa Taco Shop is situated less than two blocks from the Pacific ocean in Mission Beach. La Playa offers everything from fish burritos to chili rellenos to our favorite, the carnitas tacos.

carnitas tacosA: MMM MMM MMM this is definately some of the best and most authentic mexican food I have ever eaten outside of mexico.
T: I love this place. Their carnitas are hard to beat. They set the standard for all carnitas, in my opinion.
A: No doubt, they also set the standard for red and green chile sauces. Their tomatillo sauce is absolutely the best tomatillo sauce i have ever eaten. oh yum.
T: Oh, totally. It’s funny, we haven’t even tried very much on their menu, we always go back for the carnitas. Some day one of us will have to be adventurous.
A: I know but it’s just so hard to be adventurous when the carnitas are so sinfully delicious. as i do recall you ate the carne asada before we ever tried the carnitas… what do you remember thinking of the carne?
T: I remember thinking that it wasn’t the most impressive thing in the world, and that it was not nearly as good as the carnitas that you had on your plate.
A: heheheh and since then there has been no turning back. you know, i’m not really the type of person who sticks to just one thing on the menu, but these are really just so good i can’t pass them up when i get a chance to eat them.playa tacos taco shopT: yeah, we don’t make it over to mission beach that often, so when we do we gots to have them carnitas. -dude, I just thought of this- we forgot to get the spicy pickled carrots!
A: DAMNIT!!!! the carrots are definately rocking.. you know, i don’t know if i’ve ever had their carrots, but since the rest of it rocks.. i just can’t imagine that the carrots wouldn’t
T: yeah, and from my experience, most places do the carrots pretty well… I mean, some definately do them way better than others, but they’re all pretty good.
A: as long as they are fresh and crunchy… and spicy enough, i can’t be unsatisfied.
T: whew, i might have to eat some of those tomorrow… aahhh nevermind the mexican restaurant by my office will be closed tomorrow. foiled!
A: Ha Ha. sucks to be you. at least you have a job though.
T: haha, uhh, yeah. It’s great to work all the time. I love it. *TIRED*
A: heheheh, i wish i had a steady income though. food blogging has yet to pay a bill. 😛 Well, i give this meal a 4.87/5. La Playa Taco Shop is awesome, down to the cotija cheese they put on the beans. Nothing about it is a bad experience (other than trying to find a parking place maybe). If you come to San Diego and want good tacos, visit La Playa Taco Shop
T: I agree, it’s all quite good. And authentic- I mean, you know a place is authentic mexican when the cashier is 9 years old. I’m not joking. The cashier is 9 years old. She does a good job, though.
A: and is quite polite and cordial to the customers
T: Yes indeed. So, I give the meal a 4.8/5. It’s pretty close to mexican food perfection. Tender, spicy meat, great salsas, fresh corn tortillas, tasty guac. They got all that, *and*, Pump-O the clown. It’s a little balloon machine with a nozzle to blow up your balloons. It’s perfectly Mexican. I love it.pumpo balloon dispenser
A: I love Pump-O but there is some part of me that is afraid of the clown in some It kind of way. creepy…
T: Yeah, clowns are creepy sometimes… unless they’re mexican balloon clowns.
A: hehehe true dat.
T: Makes me want to have a fiesta.
A: or siesta?
T: maybe one and then the other. Let’s start with a siesta, then I’ll go to work in the morning, and maybe in the next 10 years we can have a fiesta.
A: hehehhehe

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5 comments so far:

  1. elle says:

    there’s only one problem about reading your yummy blog at this moment-now i want a taco and it is only 11:00.

  2. Us says:

    I know what you mean, elle! that pretty much sums up every moment of the day for me. MMM…tacos.

  3. Sia says:

    check out el zarape in north park on park ave. its definitely a hole in the wall, but thats the best kind of mexican food right? it gets pretty packed around lunch hour with the line out the door, but that could also be just because the place is small. carne asada! even though im promoting them, i have to say watch out if you ever get nachos…they dont use regular cheese, they use that liquid nacho cheese stuff, which is strange to me, since you’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult to just put real cheese on there. nevertheless, their carne asada is good!

  4. Us says:

    the meat really is what it’s all about anyway. do they have good carnitas, too? my goodness our list of “must go to restaurants” is filling up. Keep on suggesting your favorite places!

  5. Roger E says:

    robertos at clairemont drive by the keils market is my all time favorite. Take 5 north or south to clairemont drive seaworld exit. Go up the hill it is on the right across the street from the 7-11.