Wordless Wednesday: Rainbows in Paradise! (And a promise of a post to come on Rincon, Puerto Rico!)

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  1. Amanda says:

    Paradise indeed! I stumbled upon your web site while looking for recipes & happened to see the pictures under your “latest post” section & thought “Hey I know that girl from good ole C’burg highschool!” Congratulations on your cookbook & all your success!

  2. s robin betts says:

    picture is enough…a dream of ours…someday! ENJOY!

  3. maggiewann says:

    Ohhhh, that looks so nice, pretty cold here in North Idaho.

  4. We have a snowstorm coming in tonight….how I long to be sitting on this beach!!!

  5. Gary Flagler says:

    Hi’ Amanda
    It’s Gary & Louann, We love your website and can’t wait to start trying your Dishes.
    Last night was great at the Lazy Parrot, You made my night with the Best cookies ever.
    Your still my new best friend.

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi Gary! It was absolutely fabulous meeting you and Louann! You are both a big ball of awesome! So glad you reached out to me on here. If you’re on facebook or twitter you guys should friend me there, too! I hope you had a safe flight back to Florida (with chiquita in tow!) 😉