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NaBloPoMO… a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Keep the beach clean... and my mouth cleaner! It's good to set goals.

Here we go again! Another year has past and, for whatever insane reason, I’ve been peer-pressured, er, talked into doing NaBloPoMo again! November seems to have crept up on me out of nowhere! I swear I was just in Nicole’s kitchen whipping up crazy enchiladas, but it turns out that was actually over five months ago! Ooops.

This year I have a lot to share so hopefully the writing will be less painful. (For me. It’ll still be me writing which will probably be just as painful for you.) 😉 By the end of this month, it’s my goal to have gotten everything I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys off my chest and be back in the habit of writing.

Question? Do I fail already if I’m late to the first post by a few hours? I wrote this yesterday but life snatched me away from my computer before I could post it. Second post to come in less than 12 hours. Pinky swear.

2 comments so far:

  1. Nicole says:

    I can’t believe it’s been that long since we had those enchiladas. Mmmmm… everything about those was good. And you were supposed to at least post that simple buttermilk corn tortilla recipe and never did so there’s an easy way to fill in one NaBloPoMo day!

  2. Amanda says:

    I know! maybe today! i don’t even know if i took pictures! mmmm i want to recreate those but i can’t get tomatillos right now.. or beets… or queso fresco #notcrushingit 😉