Blu Wave Mediterranean Kitchen

Eater rating: 2.5 / 5  2.45
On Thursday we ate at a restaurant in La Jolla called Blu Wave Mediterranean Kitchen. Blu Wave is located on the second floor of a building about a block from the Pacific Ocean, thus it provides a beautiful view of the water. It offers cuisines from several countries on the mediterranean sea, from Italian to Greek to Lebanese. The prices are moderate- entrees cost between ten and twenty dollars.

A: Although the prices were reasonable and the selection looked nice, the view was the only truly decent aspect of this restaurant. The mousaka was bland- mediocre at best. There was very little lamb and nearly no salt in the entire dish- which is good if you have heart problems, but bad for the tastebuds.
T: The curry was fairly tasty, but a little on the bland side. Really nothing very special about it. Also, the papadams were soggy with oil. We could have forgiven them for some of this if they had served us beer, but it is not on the menu.
A: Although the server did tell us we could bring in our own beer, lest we not forget.
T: though I generally don’t make a habit of carrying my beer with me to my restaurants.
A: I know, I found that to be a particularly weird rule.
T: Apparently it has to do with the owner’s religious beliefs.
A: I can understand that. I feel like the only other time I’ve seen anything like this is in a dry part of Texas right outside of Houston, where you bring your own beer to the bars. Weird.
T: Yep. What can you do.
A: not much. I guess the main thing I want the readers to get out of this review, is that if you’re looking for a great view and are willing to settle for food that’s just alright, Blu Wave is an acceptable restaurant.
T: Although I doubt seriously we will go back.
A: Yeah, never. There’s a great place directly beside it called Kitima that serves really good Thai food, with the same view.
T: yeah, that place was great.
A: Except weird pineapple fried rice.
T: the curry was quite good.
A: Yeah, straight up.
T: If anybody knows of a good Greek and Lebanese restaurant in San Diego, please let us know! We haven’t found one yet that hasn’t disappointed us.
A: I know I’m dying for decent fried cheese and chicken shawarma.
L: Are y’all still talking about that restaurant? My food was average at best. I enjoyed being able to see the water, though not enough to go back.
T: Well it’s unanimous.
A: I say we call it Boo Wave from now on.
T: ok, sounds good.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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  1. Rima says:

    I typed in Blue Wave Rest. to find out about before taking some people and glad to see your site come. Thanks for the review and will just try the place that I know is ALWAYS good. I am Lebanese myself and am hard to please when it comes to matching my mom’s home cooking but Aladdin in Hillcrest come way close too it. The owners brought their parents from the old country to work in the kitchen and wow it is good. You should try it.


  2. Diana says:

    Have you tried Mama’s Lebanese? It is just south of El Cajon and east of Park Blvd.

    It is great!