roasted tilapia

Whole Roasted Tilapia w/ Red Wine Risotto and Lemon-Garlic Green Beans

Eater rating: 3.9 / 5  3.9495
Tonight we’re eating tilapia stuffed with lemon slices, onion, fresh rosemary, basil, and parsley. The fish was then topped with strips of bacon and roasted. The tilapia was served with red wine and wild mushroom barley risotto and blanched green beans tossed in lemon garlic butter.

T: It was quite a striking presentation.
A: That’s what I was going for when i decided to leave the head on the fish and roasted it whole. it looked good and tasted good, but was quite an ordeal to get the fish off the bones and on to the plates.
T: yeah the fish really tasted great. You could taste the citrus and herbs in every bite. it was quite delicious. It was also quite amusing to watch you tear the fish apart with your bare hands at the dinner table.
A: fortunately for you I fixed the rest of the meal with my bare hands and it didn’t really make much of a difference. although, my hands got nice and sticky from the fish juices. mmm mmm mmm…. sticky fish juices. (i washed them)
T: well now that we’ve appetized everybody…
A: that’s one of the reasons this method of cooking didn’t really work so well for a fish the size of tilapia. I thought the bacon gave it quite a nice flavor, as well as the citrus and herbs, but I really think we needed a bigger fish.
T: yeah, I think so. There just wasn’t a whole lot of fish meat.
A: for sure dude.
T: it made what was there be a precious commodity.
A: one i could have used like ten times what was there.
T: I rate this meal a 4/5. each element was quite tasty, but the barley risotto I thought was a little bit over powering.
A: yeah, you are definately right on the risotto. I was trying to do a “clean the fridge” side dish and use the barley from the last time we had risotto, and the two buck chuck from last week. Sadly I think the two buck chuck had started to turn vinegary, and thus the strong flavor.
T: two buck chuck is the two dollar red wine that is available in this part of the country.
A: i think it’s like charles… schwab… I think that’s a financial company, but that’s the only charles that’s coming to mind right now.
T: nice.
A: I give this meal a 3.899/5. I dug it. the fish was rocking, the green beans were slightly tart and garlic buttery with a nice crisp to them, and the risotto was weak. damn you risotto… holding the rest of the meal down!
T: although i did enjoy the risotto.
A: i particularly enjoyed the wild mushrooms that I first sauted and deglazed with sherry wine vinegar. mmm.
A: well, we don’t seem to be to talkative tonight folks, soooooo……..

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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  1. Shawn Harrison says:

    I googled Charles Schwab and red wine and found you. Thank you for knowing what “Two buck Chuck” is!! I am from South Dakota and have no idea where to find it. Please help me out if you can.

  2. Amanda says:

    hi shawn! trader joes is the only place you can get “two buck chuck” sadly. it’s actually charles shaw, which i can almost never remember and just think charles schwab… any trader joes in South Dakota?