homemade marshmallows

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Marshmallows in the Mail

A couple of weeks ago we received a package of homemade Meyer Lemon, Toasted Coconut & Vanilla marshmallows in the mail from one of the most awesome women I know. Thanks, Leena!!! :-D

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  1. Dr. Maelstrom says:

    thats awesome about the book! Id love to visit, just let me know! Fish Tacos! Oh, and them ‘mallows look good too.

  2. Amanda says:

    N… i mean, Dr. Maelstrom… You’re seriously welcome any time for any length of time! we’re going to fl for vacation mid june and my fam is coming out at the end of june but otherwise it’s really all about when YOU can make it! holla atcha girl. let’s make this happen. 🙂 (ps – do you have my email?)

  3. Dr. Maelstrom says:

    yo guh, ive been away from the comp toy for awhile. Ohman i want to Move There. I have many Personal Things to Say, etc…….

  4. Joyce says:

    This is pretty off topic, but I stumbled across this website in my search for how to mail marshmallows. (gotta love the internet!) I’m trying to mail some to a friend of mine in another country but I’m afraid they’re going to arrive squished and defeat the purpose. How did your friend Leena pack them? I plan to include them in a box of lots of stuff.
    I think your pics look delicious and beautiful. 🙂