Wild Mushroom & Young Garlic Gratin

Wild Mushroom Gratin w/ a Wildly Delicious Topping

Mmm Mmm...Look at all that crumb-topping goodness.
Eater rating: 4.2 / 5  4.2

We’re eating a wild mushroom and young garlic gratin chock full of crimini, king trumpet, brown beech & oyster mushrooms and topped with a decadent blue cheese, macadamia nut, herb & oat crumb topping.

It was this topping that actually inspired the entire dish. What started out being a topping for a savory pear crisp was just too good to leave alone. Almost immediately after making the crisp, I knew I wanted to eat more of that yummy blue cheesy crumble topping and this time, it would have to be used in a completely savory application. Thus the emergence of this dish. We think that pretty much anyone who tries this and isn’t a freak (freak=one who dislikes mushrooms and blue cheese in this case) is gonna love it! We sure did. :-)

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  1. Nicole says:

    Ok, you know that I’m not a huge mushroom fan but this gratin was AMAZING! That macadamia nut blue cheese topping was unbelievable! I think you should put that topping on EVERYTHING!!!!

  2. leena! says:

    Stop it, Amanda. Just stop it. Stop cooking delicious and insanely creative food and making me jealous and hungry and left feeling slightly inadequate. And did I mention hungry? I’ve been in a TOTAL creative cooking slump lately. I need the Amanda cooking boot camp to kick my ass into gear for spring!
    I also love how bacon has become part of your basic mirepoix 😉 I scanned the recipe and that was the first word that jumped out at me!

  3. Amanda says:

    @nicole I so agree! i would eat the toenails if it came coated in that topping! 😉 okay, maybe that’s pushing it…

    @leena don’t feel jealous & inadequate leena! just move to san diego so you can come cook with us… and get leftovers delivered to you, like nicole gets. :-) also… you mean bacon isn’t one of the three main ingredients for a mirapoix? 😛

  4. Giff says:

    wow does this sound decadent and fabulous. It is a real pain trying to find a good variety of mushrooms where I am (you’d think close to NYC the supermarkets would be good but nooooo), but I will have to try some approximation of this at some point!

  5. Oh, my… this sounds absolutely fantastic. Well done!

  6. emiglia says:

    That sounds great… but the savory pear crumble really caught my eye! Could you post the recipe… pretty please???

  7. zoe says:

    I love wild mushrooms! This sounds like a perfect side dish.