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Milton’s of Del Mar « What We’re Eating – A Food & Recipe Blog
Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich

Milton’s of Del Mar

Corned Beef Reuben
Eater rating: 3.6 / 5  3.55

For lunch we took a petite-adventure to Del Mar for a visit to one of the area’s east coast style delis, Milton’s. Tyler ordered a hotdog plate, complete with sauerkraut, coleslaw, and a side of fries. I ordered a corned beef reuben, with a side of pasta salad. Milton’s offers huge portions at huge prices (considering the type of food they serve) so be ready to eat big, and pay big.

Classic Drinks
Cherry phosphate and egg cream soda
T: whatup.
A: a huge-ass pile o’ corned beef man. that’s whudup.
T: that is certainly a massive pile of corned beef. It’s piled higher than my mouth can open. was it hard to eat?
A: not really. i just had to open the sandwich up a little and distribute the meat more evenly over the bread, then it wasn’t so bad. quite good really.
T: that’s good to hear. I get a bit distressed when food is served that is nearly impossible to eat. Sometimes sandwiches get that way. Not often, but there are times. And it’s frustrating.
A: i feel ya, sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands and just remove some of the stuff.
T: i usually try to eat the overstuffed sandwich as it comes and then end up losing the majority of its contents about half way through the sandwich. By the end it is quite ugly. There are piles of napkins on the floor around me, food everywhere. Children are crying.
A: sweet jesus! i’m glad i don’t eat more overstuffed sandwiches with you. i don’t need babies crying to make my meal more enjoyable, that’s for sure.
T: no. Crying children do not add to a meal. I don’t know why there are smoking sections in restaurants and not children sections. I think we should combine the two. Put the crying kids and babies with the smokers.
A: uh, t? we live in california. there are no smoking section in restaurants anymore…. or on beaches… or in senior living communites…but back to the point, it is a fantastic idea to turn all those old smoking sections into childrens sections. then they would ask you “children, or non”, when you first meet the host. you’d have the option.
T: yes this is actually sounding like a pretty good idea. And eventually maybe we could get children banned from restaurants altogether.
A: ah… those will be the days 😉 we should totally start a movement.
T: somewhere, in a dark bedroom or living room, there is someone reading this. And they are becoming inspired. And they are planning a movement. personally i’m a little busy right now. but somebody’s on top of it.
A: hmmm maybe your mom can quit her job and take this up as her charity cause. Laura??? how’s that sound? 🙂
T: she does hate sitting next to kids in restaurants, and she does always seems to end up next to them. She might be the right person. Ok. Now that we’ve started a movement, let’s talk about what we ate.
A: well, i’m a huge fan of deli sandwiches, so i was able to twist your arm and get you to Milton’s in Del Mar for what i hoped would be a damn good sammie. I ordered a corned beef reuben with a side of pasta salad. It was good. I would have preferred more sauerkaut and less meat, but it was good none the less.
Gourmet Hot Dog
Expensive Hot Dog
T: My hotdog was pretty good. Not out of this world or anything. This sounds messed up, but… the hotdog meat tasted a little too much like meat, and not enough like a hotdog. I’m strangely attracted to the processed badness that is a typical hotdog.
A: hehehe i’ve never heard of such a thing! meat tasting too much like meat??? so you like the weird mystery meatness of normal hotdogs?
T: yes I do. I will admit it. hell, i’m proud of it. that’s right. it’s pretty much all about the toppings anyway. the weiner and bun are the chips and the toppings are the salsa. One is a vehicle for the other. That’s how I do hot dogs.
A: i feel ya, but the actual dog tends to give off it’s own unique flavor for the toppings. i went through a phase a year or two ago, where i tried nearly all the fat-free and low-fat hotdogs on the market searching for a not-so-unhealthy alternative that would give me the satisfaction of eating a dog, guilt-free. unfortunately, nearly all of those scary dogs, didn’t allow the toppings to shine. now i eat about one hot dog a year, and let it be a real, full fat mystery meat hotdog. (if anyone’s wondering, healthy choice makes the best low-fat dog in my opinion, and trust me. i’ve tried them all.)
T: to return to the chips and salsa analogy, eating a low-fat weiner is like eating some damn salt-free chips or something. Not worth it. I would rather eat the real thing then jog a mile while thinking about how good it was than eat the fake thing and sit on my butt thinking about how crappy it was. Although I don’t really like jogging. You get the idea. I don’t know what that idea is, but you get some idea. Mandy, say something please. I can’t stop being absurd.
A: uh… what’s new??? you know what’s absurd?
T: mmm… uhh… no.
A: it’s absurd that it’s been a year since hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast. that’s absurd.
T: it’s funny, it seems like a really long time ago to me. So much has happened since then. Such as us moving to California, getting jobs, getting our own place. Katrina feels somewhat distant to me.
A: really? not at all for me. it seems like only yesterday we were eating eggs katrina, while the rain came down and we wondered how much it would affect us. it wasn’t until the next day we would find out that our population was about to double. it seems recent to me.
T: that was a crazy time, and it’s still crazy for those folk in Louisana and Mississippi. All we have to worry about out here is earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, mudslides… that kind of stuff.
A: 🙂 true dat. we definately don’t have the yearly scares here that we had in louisiana. living where we do i guess i’m most afraid of Arnold. the other may happen, but he is here and now.
T: yes, he’s a threat. I had a dream like a month ago that I woke up, and I was in my bed. I thought I was awake but I obviously wasn’t. And I looked over and Arnold Schwarzenegger was staring at me through the window. God what a nightmare.
A: freeeeaaaak-eeee.
T: alright, back to our meal at Milton’s. I thought Milton’s was overpriced for what it offered. It’s easy for them to get away with it where they’re located (Del Mar aka Hell Mar). I don’t have $7.50 for a mediocre hotdog, though. I give them a 3.6/5. The food was pretty good, but they need to get over themselves.
A: i absolutely have to agree. my reuben was 13 bucks, and all it came with was a soggy pickle and some bland pasta salad. I give Milton’s a 3.5/5. The sandwich was good, but not thirteen dollars good. if you’re rich and can afford thirteen bucks for a deli sandwich, go for it, if not, you’re better off to make one for yourself.
T: amen my sister.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

16 comments so far:

  1. Cathy says:

    Leave politics out if it, OK? You weren’t here under Gray Davis and don’t know the crap we went through, with auto registrations tripling, disability insurance costs to employers going up six times what they had been a year previous, electricity charges per kWh tripling each month for four months in a row (no shortages, no reason, jsut increasing charges) and much more. He was recalled and then the choices for Governor were quite limited.

    If you aren’t already, please register to vote and do your civic duty. Maybe even volunteer to work the polls on election day. It will open your eyes to the democratic process.

    Otherwise, nice reveiw. Last tiem I went to Miltons, they had notecards on the table informing of a $1 per person surcharge because of the increasing electricity rates. We looked at the menu and left. There isn’t a sandwich in the world worth $13, jsut like there isn’t a $25 chicken….I refuse to pay for a location.

  2. Jenny says:

    My husband and I totally agree with your children and non children sections. Way to go!! As long as there was some kind of barrier to stop them seeping into the non children area. cooel.

  3. bron says:

    Ooooh as a mother of two, them there’s fighting words!
    However my girls are always perfectly behaved little angels 😉
    NZ$26 sandwich – forget it!

  4. adam says:

    Welcome to blogging, Tyler and Amanda.

  5. Amanda says:

    Cathy, you’re right. we weren’t here under Gray Davis, and we don’t know all the crap you went through first hand. But it’s not as if we’re coming from the most uncorrupt state in the union here (louisiana). Actually we didn’t even consider this post to include politics. We were simply joking around about “children’s sections”. Frankly neither of us are smokers and quite enjoy the smoke-free atmosphere of bars and restaurants. And yes. we are registered to vote in california, so our civic duties will be met. Thanks for the compliment on the review. We totally agree that there is pretty much no sandwich that is worth 13 dollars, unless it’s filled with truffles or something similar.

    Thanks Jenny!!! Finally some support! It appears that this will have to be an underground movement, with all these negative comments we’ve been getting! 😉

    Bron, i would expect nothing less than perfectly behaved little angles to come from such an amazing mother 🙂 That still doesn’t mean that i enjoy children screaming in my ear while i’m paying an arm and a leg to enjoy a nice dinner! we really weren’t trying to start a political battle or any battles with all the mothers in the world! i swear! we were just joshing around 🙂

    Adam, wow. and i thought we had been blogging for all these months! i guess if you give an opinion to the world you are bound to get some feed back to it (both negative and positive) 🙂 i don’t think we’ll be focusing on politics any time soon.

  6. bron says:

    I know you were kidding chook 😉
    Anyway I hate screamy kids too, (who doesn’t!) often find their parents are just as loud and badly behaved though!

  7. Heather says:

    But what about the phosphate and the egg cream?

  8. Marianne says:

    You guys…I want to buy you a drink, and a hotdog, and then I want to make you dinner. That’s how much I loves ya.

  9. Christina Crews says:

    Okay, so now I won’t waste my time giving Milton’s a try. We eat their bread regularly and were considering the restraunt but now I’ll pass. Give me D.Z. Akins anyday. Now there’s a Ruben! By the way you haven’t made any fans of parental units on this blog. My children are very well behaved thank you, I was approach and told so by a patron at a posh Persian restraunt down town. Huh!!! May you not only become impregnated but may all your spawn be cursed with ADHD like behavior upon entering any dining establishment!

    P.S. Check it once in a while would ya?

  10. Amanda says:

    Bron, you are definately right about that! the parents of that type of child do seem to always be obnoxious themselves 🙂

    Heather, 🙂 good to hear from you! i know i’ve said this before, but, i swear i’m going to shoot off an email to you soon. The egg cream was pretty good and the phosphate was rockin! mmm. I miss the east coast for it’s yummy delis some times. damn. i miss harvest for its awesome sandwiches too!

    Marianne! i’m sure tyler would love to eat the hotdog you buy him (as long as its mystery meat!) and i know anything you would make us for dinner would be awesome. I’m very happy to see you up and in the community again. Take care of you, girl!

    CMC, what’s D.Z. Akins? and they make a mean reuben?!? I know we have pissed off some of the parents that read this, buy hey! if you’re children aren’t the ones screaming in restaurants, than this isn’t meant to be directed at you. Frankly, tyler and i love children, we just don’t find screaming ones appetizing! we need to get another post up soon to distract the people from this one! ps… yeah yeah yeah. i’ll check it. i’ll be back to work soon too:-) don’t you miss me?

  11. B says:

    A joke >>>>>I don’t find screaming children appetizing either. They are much more tender as new borns.

  12. Heather says:

    yeah yeah yeah

  13. Kady says:

    Isn’t that the worst? Finding a deli (which is one of my favorite places to eat) on the west coast that costs an arm and a leg but it’s the only (or one of few) authentic NY-style delis so you pay for it anyway. I’ve definitely been there. And I’m sure I’ll do it again. Does Milton’s at least have a half-sandwich option? Usually a half of a sandwich is equivalent to a whole one. Do they have decent looking desserts?

  14. Amanda says:

    B – i couldn’t agree more 😉

    Heather… yeah yeah yeah… i promise i did it… check yo’ mail… i’ll write again, too! so there ;-P

    Kady, I don’t remember seeing a half-sandwich option when i was there, and i would probably remember it if they had one, considering i didn’t want to pay that much for a sandwich. It is true that you have to pay obscene prices to get a good sandwich around here because there are so few options. Since tyler and i were just there for lunch we didn’t even glance at the desserts, so i just don’t know about them. do you have any suggestions on any good delis in the the SD area?

  15. Mom of 2 says:

    Well, I do love your review of Milton’s I was considering heading there for breakfast tomorrow with a dear friend but not only am reconsidering it for the prices but the prospect that you might be there!

    I can’t stand screaming kids either. I for one am not as loud and my children can get…not even close.

    I am hoping and praying that you have a ton of kids, with ADD and make your life hell so you can never dine out again.

    Then I could just invite you over to my house so we can split a bottle or two of wine.

  16. Amanda says:

    Oh Mom-of-2! i’m terribly sorry to dash your hopes and prayers of me having lots of ADD children. Thanks to the modern marvels of birth control medications, i will most likely never have children… WOO HOO! I do love those little tykes, though. Personally, i grew up with a special ed teacher for a mom, and tyler’s mom was an elementry teacher/principal. needless to say, we both grew up loving children but thinking they definately have their place! like on a playground…at an amusement park… in the backyard… at a christmas celebration… but when i’m sitting down to a fine meal (not to say miltons is a fine meal) screeching children are not an element i need to complete the atmosphere. 🙂 Now that bottle of wine you speak of…. that i would quite enjoy splitting with you!