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Lobster Tacos from the Ocean Beach Pier Cafe « What We’re Eating – A Food & Recipe Blog
Chunk of Sauteed Lobster

Lobster Tacos from the Ocean Beach Pier Cafe

Chunk of Sauteed Lobster
Eater rating: 4.4 / 5  4.38

Dinner tonight was way more than just food. We ate lobster tacos and hand-cut fries while perched at a bar on the edge of the longest pier on the US west coast. The lobster tacos gave the spectacular view a run for its money. The tacos consisted of fresh sauteed lobster, a cabbage slaw, and pico de gallo. They were garnished with a cream sauce, cilantro, and fresh slices of lime and orange.

Ocean Beach Pier Cafe
View of the Ocean Beach Pier Cafe
T: what a nice homecoming meal! Lobster on the pier. Lobster tacos to be precise. Mmm hmm.
A: I know! those lobster tacos are good any time. It’s fantastic to have you back. Seriously dude…i was getting so sick of eating crap…okay… and i missed you too!
T: awe, well, you should have treated yourself to some good eats while I was gone. Wait, you did have lobster tacos while I was gone, right?
A: uh… welll…. okay, i did have one lobster taco while you were gone. but that was the highlight of my eats.
T: not too shabby. So, what was the worst meal you had while I was gone?
A: i guess i never had a “worst” meal. but i ate like, three tomato sandwiches, a grilled cheese sandwich, and salads. and some stuff from the produce market last week. You had that really good stuff at the wedding huh? what was on the menu?
T: We had some fish… sadly I don’t know what kind it was, but it was white, flaky, fairly thick, and not fishy tasting at all. It was sauteed, I don’t know in what other than butter. The fish was served with a steak cooked to a nice medium-rare, and some potato pancakes of some sort… what do you call those things?
A: latkes… So it was a surf and turf kind of meal, eh?
T: it was. There were several tasty hors d’oeuvres (that was difficult to spell). I’m not sure what was in them, but they were awesome, and crab was involved. I needed you there to tell me what was up.
A: trust me. i would have loved to have been there with you. mmmm crab. I’m just a fool for seafood.
T: At the rehersal dinner we had king crab legs, mussels, raw oysters, …
A: SACRILEGE! in a month without an R???
T: yo. I didn’t die. But I did eat oysters. So, there. BTW, I’d like to give a shout out to Burt and Lucy who should be enjoying themselves most thoroughly in Hawaii right now.
Lobster tacos on the pier
Lobster tacos on the pier
A: alright.. enough with all this wedding jibber jabber. lets get down to the meal at hand! these lobster tacos were rocking! the only thing i would have even slightly altered was the salt content. I thought they verged on being too salty. They weren’t, but it was a close call. I think your dad would have found them salty.
T: huh, I didn’t notice that at all. If there was anything I would have changed, it would have been to put in more lobster!
A: alright, you got me on that one. 😉 i would have loved more lobster. that lemonade i ordered was quite good too. It was definately homemade. no powder there.
T: mouth-puckeringly sour.
A: 🙂 i like to call it an “intense lemon flavor” sound much more appealing. I love lemonade where you can taste the lemons and not just sugar.
Lobster Taco
Lobster Taco
T: yeah, I can agree with that. Well, I’m going to rate this meal as a 4.48/5. I had to deduct points for the lobster-to-cabbage ratio. They were awesome. The lobster was awesome. I just needed more lobster, less cabbage.
A: I, on the other hand, had to deduct points for them not offering any beer. I mean the lemonade was good, but a brewsky would have really hit the spot. I agree with the lobster:cabbage thing too. I give this meal a 4.28/5. We share some digits, but i’m not quite as high.
T: You mean, your rating isn’t as high? 😉
A: exactly
T: Interestingly, I didn’t let the view affect my rating. Let’s not forget, we were sitting out at the end of the west coast’s longest concrete pier.
A: we weren’t really at the end.
T: hush it. We were at the end. Screw you. Always naysaying. Everything I create! 😛
A: you create something like inward singing.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

16 comments so far:

  1. Regan says:

    Hey, I know this is not really the place to talk about your other website, but will you either post the pics from our trip or send them to me in an e-mail. you could even mail me a disc. I’m making something for M & D with pics of the kids and wanted to add some of our trip to SD.

    Amanda, Will you research a basic recipe for scones for me. I really want to make some! Thanks! I can’t wait to read your next blog!


  2. adam says:

    Never EVER diss the inward singing, cause it sounds even BETTER than when I’m singing out!

    Rock stars are only rocking you half the time. Do I get a prize for recognizing that reference?

  3. Fresh lemonade is the best! For my money, though, the best store-bought stuff is Newman’s Own Lemonade–for exactly the reason T mentioned: not overpowered by sugar.

  4. Amanda says:

    Regan, i will, and i will post something to you in the next day or three (because today is my friday and i am on the computer at work mainly!)

    Adam, we were discussing how most food bloggers probably wouldn’t get that one… then we thought of you. seriously, your name was mention. Actually, i had a boss once named adam too, and we used to listen to that c.d. while prepping every single day. For some reason (mainly because you guys are our tx doubles) you are totally on the level!

    Michellephant, we will have to try the Newman’s own stuff, although, i myself like it nice and tart, with the emphasis on the lemon, so overpowering doesn’t bother me, like it does T!

  5. Christina says:

    I wish I was there! This reminded me of a local restraunt here in Imperial Beach. It too is at the end of our local pier which makes for an awsome before AND after dinner walk. The Tin Fish is an awsome fresh seafood restraunt that we like to go to especially when my aforementioned “picky vegitarian in-laws” are in town. For some reason we don’t think to go that often though. I think that since there are so few quality dinning establishments in IB, we automatically think outside the city. It is quite good and no the fish are not caught in the IB sludge of an ocean. It’s a little pricey but it’s fresh seafood for goodness sake.

    And I just had to comment that it is so awsome to finally find someone that seems to not only share my love for Jack Black but for Tenacious D as well. EXPLOSIVO!!!!!!

  6. Jables says:

    Amanda has cooked … for a long, long time.
    And now it’s time for her to pass the torch.
    She has cooked lobster tails and pork chops.
    She has cut on a board made of wood.

    It’s time to pass the whisk,
    You’re too old to cook, no more cookin’ for you!
    We’re taking you to a home,
    But then we’ll cook a chop or two.

    And we’ll make sure that you’re very well taken care of
    You’ll tell us of chickens that you’ve cooked
    You’re sauce will mix with ours
    And we’ll make a good food blog baby!
    ‘Manda, time to go!
    You must give your knife and apron to me
    and a smaller one for Adam B ….

  7. Marianne says:

    Okay, Jables, I don’t know who you are but you just cracked me up. That CD is my long-road-trip-and-my-eyes-are-getting-heavy standby.

  8. Tony says:

    Hey, I was wondering I’m preparing succlent sasquesh for dinner should I LEAVE ALL THE HAIR ON OR COOK WITH OUT THE HAIR! I’ve heard that the hair of a sasqush is a forbidden fruit. Please do tell!

  9. Us says:

    Jables, you rock hardcore! Were you born of Satan? We’d like to offer you a record deal. The only problem is we are not a record company. But if we were we would totally sign you.

    Seriously, that was funny as hell. 🙂

  10. No, but I have been on a long a lonesome road where there shined a shiny demon.

    But seriously, this is about food. Can you take two lobster pieces and throw them away. I’m tryin to watch my calorie intake.

  11. Simon says:

    Hey I used to go fishing on that pier when I was 15 – I love the burgers there too. And I don’t know if the Juke Box is there anymore but it used to be a lot of fun hanging out listening to tunes and while downing burgers, tacos and beer. Nice post!

  12. JimmyG says:

    On a busy Sunday morning, we waited 45 minutes (NO exageration), to be served before we finally walked out without getting our order. There was ONE waitress, and ONE cook (Who seemed to be cooking only one order at a time). The place was at maximum capacity. The waitress said that the owner had cut back on staffing in order to staff his other restaurants. Poor girl was overwhelmed.

    If an owner doesn’t care about his employes & the service provided, just think of what else is not given any concern (Quality of food?!?!).

  13. Amanda says:

    Jimmy, we’ve had some pretty similar experiences there. it’s like they purposely plan to be understaffed every weekend morning. The place can definately be a zoo. fortunately we live three blocks from the o.b. pier and if we get a hankering for some lobster tacos it’s generally not during the weekend breakfast rush. it’s definately not some place i could recommend to any really hungry weekend morning diner. but catch it on an off time and while the food is still kind of crappy, the few rocks.

  14. colleen says:

    i worked there in the mid 90’s sounds like chuck is still owner. i was left alone to take orders, cook and work the register. The food was good but alway understaffed. the cream sause on the lobster taco’s is ranch dressing.

  15. colleen says:

    I could use a lobster taco right now.

  16. Sydney says:

    I have gone here almost every weekend! I LOVE this little cafe!! The waitresses are sooo friendly and always interacting with everybody! They even sell FatBoyz Pizza down at the O.B Farmers Market and it is the BEST pizza you will ever have!!! Once in a while the wait can be overwhelming but it is DEFINATLY worth it!!! (but I have only had to wait 2 times out of all the weekends i go there) Also the owner is very friendly and my kids love him! He’s always making all of his customers laugh and just makes you feel so welcomed. Fishing out there is also great and they even have a little Bait Shop where they sell snacks when getting hungry while fishing! I definitly recommend this cafe!! I give it a 20 out of 10 😀