Pepperoni, pesto, broccoli, garlic, and tomato pizza

Bronx Pizza, San Diego

Pepperoni, pesto, broccoli, garlic, and tomato pizza
Eater rating: 4.7 / 5  4.65

Pepperoni, pesto, broccoli, garlic, and tomato pizza
Pepperoni, pesto, broccoli, garlic, and tomato pizza
A: Finally! We finally made it to a restaurant that has been suggested to us time and time again….and boy was the reward great. Man that was some pretty damn good pizza!
T: yeah it really was. i enjoyed every aspect of it. and it was huge!
A: my god. I don’ t think the pictures do it justice. It really was sooo big. I mean, i know how large 18″ is when i think about it, but that just seemed… like… well… like larger than my mind sees 18″, i guess!
T: yeah, big. Each slice was big too, but it was easy to eat nonetheless. I guess the cheese held everything together pretty well.
A: yeah, there was a perfect topping:crust ratio going on. enough toppings so you thoroughly taste all of them yet the crust wasn’t being weighed down.
T: this pizza had one of the thinnest crusts of any pizza i’ve had. it was only a few millimeters thick!
A: i think that’s trademark ny style pizza baby. I know we can’t really compare anything in san diego to some of the top places on the east coast, but given that i’ve spent the last 7 years in exile in the deep south, with no really good pizza, this was the bomb, yo!
T: this was indeed the bomb. i’m about ready for leftovers!
A: Me too! as soon as this blogalicious post is done, you can bet i’m gonna be hitting up a slice or two. I give this pizza a 4.7/5. I guess rumors can be true sometimes, because this really was the best pizza in S.D.
T: I’ll give it a 4.6/5. It was superduper. Did we ever mention what was on the pizza?
A: I don’t think so. I think we got so caught up in how awesome it was and forgot all about giving a good description. We choose to put our own toppings on rather than run with a suggested set of them. We got fresh tomato, pesto, broccoli, garlic, and pepperoni. mmm mmm mmm
T: I thought it was so unusual how they did the broccoli!
A: definately… i guess it was frozen broccoli that they blanch for a little to long and it feel a part – or they meant to have it be kind of pulverized
T: i imagine it was intentional.
A: i know i know, but it was weird. good weird, but still weird
T: very strange indeed. So, which do you prefer, New York style or Chicago style pizza?
A: i can’t really choose one over the other. When i’m in the mood for something bready and heavy, i want a good deep dish. but there are definately a lot of times i want a thin crust that show-cases the toppings (aka ny pizza).
T: if you were captured by a band of masked men (and women) and they gave you the choice of Chicago style or New York style, and after you ate it they were going to shoot you. In other words, this is your last meal. What would you choose?
A: i’m saying each is a totally separate species for me. it would really depend on what i was in the mood for in that specific moment. How about you, same scenario?
T: bang! you just got shot and you didn’t even get to eat your last meal. these kind of people want answers, they don’t care about what your mood is.
A: hehehehhe you are too funny! i could have made a decision if i was in the moment. since i’m only here talking to you, i didn’t feel the immense pressure to follow through with a decision.
T: I would go for the thin crust NY style if it were my last meal. It would give me more topping-to-bread, more grease perhaps. Now, if the scenario were… if you were stuck on an island with an unlimited supply of just one type of pizza, which would it be… I would choose Chicago style. Then I would want the extra bread.
A: definately, more sustenance, chicago is definately better for the island scenario. but it would still be a toss up for my last meal
T: So… I was surprised about how good the pizza at BJ’s was.
A: i know, when we recently went there for the first time i went in with my heart guarded, expecting to be dissapointed. i was pleasantly suprised. it was pretty darn good.
T: yeah I was expecting mediocre crap. it was very good. Had a much thicker crust than the Bronx Pizza. Very different but very good, too. We’ve been doing well on pizza lately… do you have any plans of making pizza anytime?
A: i suppose it’s about time, although i hate that i left my stone in baton rouge. it’s really been a de-motivating factor for me making breads and pizzas
T: yeah we might just have to do something about that 🙂
A: Aw YEAH! 😀

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

5 comments so far:

  1. Oh man, that pizza looks amazing!

  2. Ted says:

    I love Bronx. Go there at least once a month! The pesto is very good, as is the spinch whitestone.

    For an equally good pizza (in my opinion), try Ciero’s on the corner of Market and 6th in the Gaslamp District downtown. It is just as good.

    For Chicago, try Lefty’s in North Park, especially peppers toppings.

  3. Us says:

    Cate – It totally was!

    Ted, we will definately be hitting up Ciero’s and Lefty’s. I like pizza pretty much any style available so i doubt we can go wrong. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Stacy says:

    OMG… i swear I almost had an orgasm looking at that picture… it has almost brought tears of beauty to my eyes… oh god…
    That pizza looks just… perfect

  5. nigel mcdowell says:

    My family loves the bronx pizza but my daughter is a new type 1 diabetic, and i was wondering what are the total carbs in a slice of your sausage pizza, and your pepperoni slices