Knorr Homestyle Stock: Chicken Chili Verde with Poblanos, Sweet Corn & Navy Beans

When the weather outside is frightful... EAT SOME FREAKIN' CHILI!

Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, this time of year is filled with traditions. Some people celebrate Christmas by feasting on prime rib (which I remember predicting would be the β€œin” holiday food in 2009… can anyone recall if that actually happened?), while others prefer a traditional ham. Over the past decade, most of my Christmas meals have been centered around soups or stews like gumbo or chili, which can be made in advance. Though this isn’t a tradition that I grew up with, it’s one that I freaking love because it frees up your time and allows you to get to hangout with your loved ones rather than slave over a hot stove all day. As I always say, soups, stews and pretty much anything braise always taste better the next day! (Or the day after that.) All you have to do on the day of your feast is reheat and focus on having a good time.

Though I developed this tangy shredded chicken chili verde with poblanos, sweet corn & navy beans using Knorr Homestyle Chicken Stock with the holidays in mind, it would be great on any cold winter’s night. (Also – the leftovers would be great the next morning over some eggs. Mmmmmm.) πŸ˜‰ If you like a less spicy chili feel free to omit the jalapeno in the recipe, or if you like it spicier feel free to throw in a second one. Recipes are merely guidelines. Let your taste buds lead the way!

*I am a professional recipe developer being paid by Knorr as part of the Knorr 4 promotion. While Knorr is footing the bill, all recipes, content and opinions comes directly from my (sometimes offbeat and slightly cheesy) brain. πŸ˜‰

5 comments so far:

  1. Hey that’s a very good recipe, I’m from Brazil and love spicy food, specialy spicy chicken. I am a bodybuilder and I am always looking for meals with a lot of protein. Good job!

  2. Oh man, I would love a big lovely bowl of this comfort food!!

  3. Amanda says:

    Lori – nothing like a big bowl of chili to scream comfort! (at least for me.) I hope I get to catch up with you before too long! I know how busy you are writing that book! Xoxo!

  4. Jennifer says:

    When do you add the poblano peppers? The recipe says” Add next 8 ingredients (tomatillos through the Knorr Homestyle Stock”‘ but should it be (poblano through through stock)?

    I made it last week and it was amazing! Great flavor, best chili I have ever had. But was not sure if I added the poblanos at the right time. Already craving!

  5. Amanda says:

    Jennifer! YES! I’m so sorry about that. Typo! It should have read “(poblanos through Knorr Homestyle Stock)”. Thank you so much for pointing that out to me and sorry for any confusion. I’m so glad you liked the final product regardless! :)