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Garam Masala Chicken w/ Green Chutney

Eater rating: 4.9 / 5  4.8666666666667
Tonight we’re eating sauteed chicken rubbed with garam masala and yellow curry powder. The chicken was served atop a bed of stir-fried carrots, squash, broccoli, red pepper, and bean sprouts. The chicken was then drizzled with a spicy green chutney.

T: well, i’ll say this was one of the best meals you’ve made in a couple of weeks, at least.
A: why thank you, Tyler. I’m going to have to agree… it really hit the spot. I’m just a fool for the Indian green chutney.
L: me too!
T: oh, me too! That stuff is gooood!
A: I know I think I could eat it on pretty much anything and be happy.
L: Uh huh, me too. Could just eat it with a spoon.
A: uh huh, I really could.
T: yes, I was thinking about eating it with a spoon earlier, but I settled for licking the plate. Although I haven’t ruled out eating it with a spoon in the future.
A: Yeah, we just didn’t have any more chutney left. Licking the plate was the only option. It’s quite a compliment to the chef when you do such things.
L: and I say, let’s buy her a blender!
A: that would for sure be groovy because I had to ask myself, “Amanda, how would people make this chutney before blenders?” since we don’t have one.
T: you did a fine job. The ancient mayans would be proud.
A: hold on, don’t you mean ancient indians? (from the country of india, not latin american indians)
T: well, they would be proud also. So seriously, this is no joke, that stuff is good. The rest of the meal was awesome as well. The veggies were great, how did you season them?
A: I just seasoned them with salt and pepper and a few hefty spoonfuls of the chutney. Plus some extra mint and cilantro leaves were tossed in at the end.
T: Attention: do yourself a favor and eat some chutney
A: He’s not lying guys, seriously. The chutney kind of makes me want some naan, too. hopefully we’ll get to eat some Indian this weekend if everything works out in our favor.
T: mmm, yeah. I voted for Indian on our poll.
A: if you guys haven’t voted, you should really look to the top-left of the screen and give a click.
T: yes, and comment, and email us… we need some attention from our reader(s).
A: please, please, please! … alright, enough begging. Let’s rate this suckah.
T: I give it a 4.8/5.
A: dude, me too!
high five
A: that was my exact rating!
T: awesome. Mom, your vote?
L: 5+
A: that must be the teacher in you coming out.
L: uh huh.
T: ok folks, see ya tomorrow!
A: maybe not… it’ll be leftover grillades tomorrow, but we’ll try to think of something to do.
T: maybe we could eat some chutney on bread
A: hint hint hint.
T: make more chutney, please!
A: I think that could be arranged. And I think tomorrow we’ll showcase the homemade bread
L: oh, you’re going to make bread?!
A: I could make bread!
T: sounds like we will be seeing you tomorrow!

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

Quickie (a recipe without all the BS)
Garam Masala Chicken w/ Green Chutney

1 green onion or scallion
1 cup packed cilantro
½ cup mint plus some for garnish
1 serrano chile (roughly chopped)
1 tsp cumin
1 - 1 ½ tbsp tamarind paste
fresh lemon or lime juice
2 tsp honey
oil (canola or peanut)
salt and pepper boneless skinless chicken breasts
yellow curry powder
garam masala
vegetables of your choice

Make the chutney: Blend together the green onion, cilantro, mint, cumin, tamarind, lemon juice, and honey, while drizzling in oil until the right consistency of a sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Chop vegetables in to bite size pieces. Sprinkle chicken breasts liberally with curry, garam masala, salt,
and pepper, then rub in with a drizzle of oil. Saute chicken. Stir fry vegetables when chicken is ¾ done, season with S & P. Add 1/3 of the green chutney to the veggies. Allow chicken to rest then slice at an extreme diagonal. Serve chicken fanned out over
veggies. Spoon the chutney over the chicken. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

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  1. Regan says:

    Hey, That chutney must be good if Tyler licked the plate. I would love to make it but don’t think i will be able to find the tamarind paste. You know I live here in hill billy country. Will you have mom bring some when she comes this weekend? Thanks!

  2. Cyberman says:

    Have you ever seen somebody lick the chutney spoon in an Indian Restaurant and put it back? This would never have happened under the Tories.