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Florida Bringing the Noise!

Hommies from left to right: Me, Jennifer, Kimberly & Stephen... from the single night we decided to "lay low" and chill-n-grill.

What I wanted to share with you guys with you guys this time isn’t at all food related. It’s life related, which I like to gobble down as enthusiastically as I do bacon! A week ago two subtropical birds swooped in to Puerto Rico to visit me from St. Augustine, Florida. Yep! That’d be the two hot chicas in the photo above. Knowing that these ladies were both as able throw down as I am, I figured it was going to be an intensely awesome week. Sure enough, it was! From lounging on Caribbean beaches staring at deep blue seas, to visiting caves/arches in Aricebo (where I may have had a minor heights-induced panic attack), to wandering the trails around Playa Sucia & the Cabo Rojo lighthouse where enormous iguanas were sending mating calls back and forth,
amanda simpson in cabo rojo
Me, enjoying the power of the wind off the ocean at the Cabo Rojo lighthouse above Playa Sucia.

male iguana
One of the large lizards that crept across our path.

to snorkeling with a sea turtle at Steps, we packed each day full of adventures. And you know a day full of adventure deserves a night full of debauchery! 😉 In the evenings there was the powerful cultural experience of Bomba, dinner parties with friends (photoed above), a Latin/Reggae fusion jam session followed by a late night stroll through the remnants of the Christmas festival in the plaza, dancing at Martini night followed by a late night dip in a freezing closed restaurant pool. There’s probably a baker’s dozen awesome activities that we did that I’m leaving out, but the point of this whole post is these ladies ROCK! The past week as been such an effing great time, this post is for you, chicas! Thanks for all the great times, can’t wait for the next time our paths cross!

All photos in the post were taken and are copywritten by Jennifer Davis…except that first party pic that she appears in, of course – thanks for that one, Gabe.

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  1. I’m going to continue to live vicariously through you Amanda. Muah!