Turkey and Goatcheese Lasagna

Turkey Sausage and Goat Cheese Lasagna

Turkey and Goat Cheese Lasagna
Eater rating: 4.7 / 5  4.695

Yesterday (and tonight) we were eating lasagna made by layering fresh pasta noodles, turkey sausage, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and a ricotta and herb goat cheese mixture. The lasagna was accompanied by a salad of mixed field greens.

T: how was the lasagna the second time?
A: it was still rockin for me. I definately ate too much. that’s the problem with lasagna… i always eat more than i should because it’s just so damn good!
T: this was indeed a good lasagna. It was so very cheeze licious.
A: mmm hmmm 😛 tonight when you eat it you need to look for the hint of flavor the goat cheese adds to the meal. It’s quite nice.
T: yeah, I wasn’t tuned enough to notice when I was eating it. It was delish, though. Great that it was turkey and not beef. I get enough unhealthy meat in my daily carnitas tacos.
A: true dat. I also used part skim ricotta and mozzarella. I absolutely love lasagna, but if you don’t cut these few corners, man, I just can’t justify myself eating it regularly.
T: some people don’t realize it, but you do a pretty good job of making your food as healthy as possible. Healthy, but not so healthy that it tastes like cardboard.
A: i try. i want to eat all the foods i love, and i don’t want to clog an artery every time i stick food in my mouth: thus i make what i want to eat and see what corners i can cut without taking away flavor goodness.
T: I appreciate that. The flavor goodness. And the healthiness. I know that the wonderful women of Karina’s mexican food are not doing much to make me healthy. I love their tacos, but… well, let’s face it, I’ve gained 15 pounds since I started eating those tacos everyday.
A: hehehe it’s a good thing you like gaining weight… otherwise, we’d be on a little diet. okay…maybe not.
T: actually I am on a diet. I would be eating california burritos everyday, but that would just be wrong. I look out for my health by just eating 2 pounds of pork fat, not the 5 pounds that come in one of those burritos.
A: for those who don’t know, california burrito = carne asada, french fries, cheese, and sour cream. WOAH.
T: guac is a common addition
A: the thought of eating one of those just makes me shudder.
T: that’s because you just ate a bunch of lasagna. I bet it would have sounded pretty dang good about 45 minutes ago!
A: for sure. I really want to eat like two or three bites of one of these so called “california burritos” i just can’t imagine ordering one for myself *hint* *hint* 😉
T: You’ll have to visit me at work, then. That’s where the magic happens.
A: heart surgery for clearing arteries clogged with cali burritos: thousands of dollars, lunch with tyler…priceless
T: Not only do the mexicans make the finest burritos, they offer far cheaper medical services than we get here… We can get you that heart surgery for hundreds, not thousands.
A: sweet! TJ here i come!
T: Exactly. I’ve got a guy, let’s call him “pedro”. We’ll have you fixed up in no time, chica.
A: oh dear… oh dear… uh.. so… i feel great T! no need for mexican surgery just yet.
T: yeah, you haven’t had your california burrito yet!
A: if i make the appointment for the doctor the same day i eat the burrito, will it be through my system, or would the operation be pointless?
T: pointless. It actually takes 9 years for the cholesterol to affect your artery. You could probably make the appointment in about 8 years.
A: for real… on the nine years thing?
T: no, i made that up. no clue how long it takes for cholesterol from a cali burrito to hit you.
A: okay, let’s not forget what we’re writing about now. Lasagna. Turkey sausage and herb goat cheese lasagna to be precise.
T: You shouldn’t describe it in such detail, you’re making me want some turkey sausage.
A: there are still a couple of links in the fridge you can cook up for dinner later! :-) so what’s your rating for this here meal, mista t?
T: I give the lasagna a 4.7/5. It was tasty. It was smooth, creamy… not too heavy though. I loved the turkey, too. not just for health reasons but becuase that sausage tasted good. Question: how much of that turkey sausage was turkey? (and not, say, pork)
A: 100% turkey, spices added. it was 95% fat free turkey sausage, I mixed sweet italian and hot italian sausage for this recipe.
T: turky rocks.
A: i completely agree. americans completely undereat turkey. in this recpect, we are not typical americans. I feed us turkey all the time.
T: so what do you rate the lasagna?
A: i give this meal a 4.69/5. it was just that good.
T: wow, 4.69 is really close to my rating of 4.7. Just a little bit less.
A: when you’re on the money, you’re on the money!
T: i suppose we’re on the money. time for a mochi.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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  1. gagatka says:

    It’s looks so gorgeous that even being a vegetarian I would dig into:)

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks gagatka! It would be pretty simple to make vegetarian too! although, vegan would be pretty nasty – imagine all that fake cheese…ewwww

  3. Glenna says:

    Yum! I love goat cheese anything and that looks fabulous.

  4. aria says:

    hi amanda and tyler! i loves your blog too. *awesome* pictures, the food looks really delicious, YUM. ohya, we love us some lasagna over here too. for some reason, i don’t cook alot of turkey. why is that i wonder because i love it. the goatcheese sounds like a wonderful addition, a nice little tang :)!

  5. Looks lovely! I havent tasted goat cheese and was wondering how it tastes like and texture as well

  6. Lea says:

    oohhhhh goodness…… I’ve been wanting to make a lasagna… I MUST make this one!! Please please tell me you remember the recipe?? Share? Please? *begs*

  7. Amanda says:

    Glenna – i know exactly what you mean. Anything with goat cheese in it automatically gets a thumbs up from me.

    Aria, thanks you thank you :-) i think most people write off turkey too quickly. I mainly started cooking so much of it for health aspects now i’m just a full fledged fan! Woo hoo! Go Turkey! (btw, give those precious kittys a good rub for me!)

    Charles! i can’t believe you’ve never had goat cheese! it’s just delightful… a little tangy, creamy and all around a good time :-)

    Lea, I promise i will get this recipe up! i do remember it (at least most of it…okay, i remember enough to write the recipe at least). I will totally be sharing this recipe soon, my pretty, very soon :-)

  8. Kate says:

    Try subbing cottage cheese for the ricotta. I can hardly tell the difference and it cuts out more fat and calories

  9. Rose says:

    Did you ever post this recipe for Turkey sausage and goat cheese lasagna? I would love to make it!

  10. Tiffany says:

    looks yummy! wheres the recipe?