Spicy Braised Artichoke

Herb Roasted Chicken, Spinach Gratin, and Braised Artichoke

Spicy Braised Artichoke
Eater rating: 4.5 / 5  4.5

Tonight we’re eating roasted chicken seasoned with rosemary, thyme, tarragon, and sage. The chicken is accompanied by a braised artichoke and fresh spinach gratin made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cotija.

Herb Roasted Chicken
Herb Roasted Chicken
T: We’re going to have to create a comfort food category now.
A: I know, roasted chicken definately falls in to that category for me…but.. like every other food does too.
T: hahah, yeah, but you always mention roasted chicken as one of your comfort foods.
A: you know, chicken isn’t even one of my favorite meats… i don’t know why i find it to be so comforting. i don’t think i ate much roasted chicken growing up either. weeeeiiiiird.
T: It’s not that weird. I mean, this stuff is goood. It’s pretty damn comforting to me, too.
A: :-) great! that means whenever i fix it i’m not alone with my feelings of being comforted. not that it would matter really, but i like to share the joy you know?
T: consider the feeling shared. The artichoke and spinach also gave me quite a bit of comfort tonight. mmmm. The spinach was superb. You’ll have to post a recipe for the peeps at some point in time.
A: i will definately try to do that. It may not be until the wee hours of the morning friday nightowl, as the old tv schedules used to say.
T: Now that’s weird. I missed those tv schedules (thankfully). Well, Mandy, I have to say dinner was especially delightful tonight. I probably say that often, but tonight it was extra special. I give it a 4.7/5. Too tasty. Makes me wanna slap my mama.
Spinach Gratin
Spinach Gratin
A: It’s a good thing you haven’t (slapped yo mama, that is), i don’t want to get kicked out! we haven’t found a place yet. BTW, i’m ignoring the mandy, mister. I really enjoyed this meal as well. i’ve been kind of hoping to have a culinary disaster just so we can give a low rating. seriously people. we don’t like everything we eat! I give this meal a 4.3/5 i thought it was good, but i have made better chickens before. The spinach gratin was something i’ve never done before but really enjoyed. It was kinda like creamed spinach, with other stuff added, in a ramekin with a cheezy top layer! i’m a fool for cheezy top layers.
T: cheesy top layers. yeah. cheesy top layers. :-)
A: mmm… mmmm… cheeeezzzzzy toooop laaaayer! i think perhaps cheezy top layers are my favorite food in the entire world! it’s why i like pizza, pizza has a cheezy top layer.T: it does, although it’s not always as cheeezy as it should be. You know who knows how to do a proper cheeezy top layer? Filippi’s. The pizza joint in San Diego. They know what they’re doing with cheeeze.
A: That is too true. I don’t think i’ve ever had pizza with a better cheezy top layer than filippi’s. maybe better pizza, but not a better cheezy top layer.
T: yeah. there are better pizzas for sure, but they can handle their cheese. Maybe we should have some sort of pizza-like item for our blog sometime soonish… eh?
A: i really want to try out the bronx pizza in hillcrest that a fellow san diegan blogger told us about. he said it was the best pizza (ny style) in san diego. i can’t wait to give it a whirl.
T: oh, yeah. I forgot about that! We should definately go there, soon. Sometime after I get back from Vegas. Oh, quick question for the readers. I will be in Vegas for the weekend (and poor Mandy will be stuck at work in San Diego :-( ). Where is a good place to get pastries? Any ideas would be wonderful!
A: i’ve been told vegas is filled with fantastic bakeries. When i went we only really ate savories, but this time i was gonna hit up all the beautiful pasteries available. damn this whole…job thing! why i got to work hommie t? why?
T: I don’t know, Mandy, I don’t know. Someday we can be beach bums, I promise.
T: in 45 years.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

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  1. Heather says:

    I cannot belive how many times he calls you Mandy. It’s an unforgivable sin! Maybe you should cut him off and make him eat McDonald’s for a few weeks until he learns his lesson!

    Love y’all!

  2. Us says:

    I know! you better believe i give him a good whippin’ for it every single time! i hesitate to cut his food supply off and force McDonalds on him, simply because i think he actually likes their double cheese burger! It’s awesome to get a comment from you Heather…and don’t think this means i’m not gonna email you, cause i am :-) L, A

  3. Greg says:


    I’m an ocassional web surfer, but a full time cook. So I don’t quite understand your site, i.e., how do I access the recipe for the Herb Roasted Chicken etc…. I mean, there is one, isn’t there.


    Greg Mims