Innards of medium-rare grilled ribeye

Grilled Garlic-Rosemary Rib Eye and Veggies

Innards of medium-rare grilled rib eye
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Tonight we’re eating our first grilled meal of the season. Dinner consisted of a boneless rib eye with a rosemary garlic rub, grilled a served with garlic rosemary baby potatoes, zucchini, tomato, and vidalia onion. The dish was garnished with a drizzle of lemon vinegarette.

Grilled ribeye and grilled vegetables
Grilled rib eye and grilled vegetables
A: We did it!!! We finally bought ourselves a new grill to go with our new apartment! We really haven’t eaten any grilled food in the last six months because our lack of a grill.
T: It was perfect that we were doing it on Memorial day, too. It’s one of those days when you just have to grill.
A: and san diego certianly couldn’t have had better weather this weekend. there’s been no sign of May Gray anywhere!
T: that’s true, it’s been wonderful. I’ve got a bit of a sunburn on my arms from walking around earlier. I love it!
A: I know, could things really get much nicer? We are even starting to figure out how this whole me working at night thing goes. We’ve been walking to the beach every morning when i get off work…hold on. this doesn’t pertain to the rocking food we just ate.
T: in a sense it does pertain. I believe our general happiness corresponds with the quality of our food!
A: true dat.
T: well, i think supper was killer. The steak was very tasty- perfectly cooked- and I loved the lemon vinegarette you drizzled on top. Overall the onion and zucchini were the winners for me, though.
A: They were definately better than the tomato and the potatoes… both of which could have used like, three more minutes on the grill. (or in the potatoes’ case, three more minutes being par-boiled before grilling.) It was such a refreshingly light meal after all this eating out we’ve been doing. I have a hard time saying that i enjoyed the veggies more than the steak though. It was all damn good and the vinegarette went wonderfully with it. It’s pretty rare that i cook beef, mainly for health reasons, but this was seriously awesome.
T: it was indeed. ok, I’m going to give this meal a 4.3/5. I deducted a little for the potatoes being slightly undercooked 😛 It was quite tasty though. I would have loved to have a little bowl of the lemon vinegarette just for dipping my veggies. That would have been a delight.
A: mmm hmm. next time i will have to make extra vinegarette. we can always use it on future meals, it stays good for at least a week. I give this meal a 4.49/5. Maybe it’s just because i haven’t had any of that yummy charcoal grilled flavor in so long and the deprivation made my taste buds explode, but this meal did it for me. The steak was a perfect medium-rare and the zucchini and vidalia onion had a great flavor and crisp to them. I definately would have rated it even higher than this if those damned potatoes had been properly done. don’t worry guys, i will change the par-boil time when i go to write the recipe.
T: although it probably depends a whole lot on how hot the grill is, too, huh?
A: to a certain extent, but you can’t have the grill so hot that the potatoes burn with in moments of being put on the flame. i could have put them on the grill before the meat and let them sit on the warming rack with the lid closed for like, fifteen minutes first. but i really thought i had par-boiled them properly. I just wanted the grilled flavor without having to fully cook them on the grill.
T: that’s very understandable. … So, now that we have a grill, what is going through that brain of yours about what will get cooked on it?
A: well… i wouldn’t want to give away all my secrets, mista t! now surely you can understand that a lady needs to keep some mystery about her.
T: well, i don’t know if i agree with that, but… hmmm… ever grilled an artichoke?
A: i haven’t personally, but i imagine it’s done. that’s definately one of those things you par-boil (or poach) first then put on the grill.
T: that lemon vinegarette would go so damn well with artichokes. mmmm.
A: i see what it is, you aren’t really all that excited about the grill! you’re excited about the lemon vinegarette! 🙂
T: no, silly! i’m excited about the grill… if that’s what it takes for you to make the lemon vinegarette.
A: hahahhaha!
T: does anyone ever grill chocolate? is that possible? do you know anything about this pressing issue?
A: i don’t think you can do that with just plain old chocolate but thing about something like…. double cut pork chops stuffed with a spicy curry-cayenne ganache and something like…. i dunno.. cranberries and almonds for texture purposes.. it could work. just make the chocolate more savory and not use the sweetened stuff.
T: holy crap woman. That sounds insane. I’d like to see that. Don’t know if it would be good, but i definately want to try it.
A: well, i don’t know about the cranberries and almonds, but think of it like an inside-out mole pork chop. give me time and i would think of what could be stuffed with the savory-spicy ganache for texture that would really work.
T: ok, i’ll give you time… you have 1 day!
A: or a week…. or a few… 😛
T: I guess I can survive on the standard fare 😉
A: if you can’t… it’s mickey dee’s for you buddy!
T: … not more than 3 times a week, missy! Remember, I can make boxed macaroni and cheese, cinnamon toast, and ramen noodles!
A: ugh… mickey dee’s even once a week makes my stomach curl. but i suppose you could last on your other three foods for a while. thank god you don’t have to though.
T: let’s face it, if you weren’t making all this badass food I’d eat tacos from local taco shops all the time. Sorta like I do for lunch everyday.
A: that would get old very quickly. imagine eating tacos and tamales for lunch and dinner EVERY FREAKING DAY.
T: maybe if i rotated between chicken and pork and beef…
A: not seeing it hommie…
T: thank goodness it won’t come to that 🙂

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

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  1. Heather says:

    Enough with the ribeye! I know y’all are eating other things…!

  2. Us says:

    Amanda decided we should go on a ribeye-only diet. Supposedly it’s the latest craze in dieting. 😛

    Seriously, though, we will post again soon! If you’re overly bored with the ribeye, maybe you will find this entertaining. Mmm… rabbit.

  3. Marianne says:

    This ribeye is killing me, guys.

  4. Us says:

    Sorry Marianne!!! we’ve finally gotten our act together and made another post! woo hoo! seriously though, don’t abandon us…we’re gonna post more often – I swear!

  5. Gabriella says:

    drool. I love ribeye. I could eat it everyday!

  6. Maureen says:

    Where is the recipe? It sounds wonderful.