Carnita Low Carb Nachos

Carnitas Hors D’Oeuvre with Tomatillo Salsa

Carnitas Horderves with Tomatillo Salsa
Eater rating: 3.2 / 5  3.15

Tonight we’re eating finger foods for dinner. The horderves consisted of an endive leaf layered with fresh guacamole, homemade carnitas, and pico de gallo. They were served with a spicy cilantro tomatillo salsa.

T: Endive is great for putting food in. It holds together well and has a nice spicy flavor. It’s like the “scoops” version of lettuce.
A: good analogy! thank god i had purchased the endive on a whim at the produce market. It definately saved this pseudo-meal. It would have been a complete failure without it. A part of me wants to call these little treats “low carb nachos”… but i just can’t bring myself to do it.
T: yeah, a nacho ain’t a nacho without a damned chip. That’s for sure.
A: and cheese…
T: and cheese. And… something other than chips and cheese. So, apparently it’s not as easy to make tortillas as the mexicans make it look.
A: nope…and i was already having an off night. nothing was tasting quite right or working out. The masa dough seemed like it would work well and be easy to make but alas, not at all. the dough just crumbled apart when i tried to press them out by hand and when i put them in the press you got for me on my b-day they stuck to the machine. I know i needed to flour the machine (and use oil in the pan to cook them) but by that point i was pretty frustrated and ready to not be fixing this meal any more.
T: considering that you had never read anything whatsoever about making corn tortillas you did alright. That was adventurous. We’ll have to find a place that sells the masa in powder form, not already made into dough.
A: that would be nice. it would be good to make them completely from scratch and see how it would go. I would definately have to read up on them and get a well rounded sense of what i’m supposed to do before just jumping in to the flour.
T: yeah. It would be cool if we knew some mexicans who could teach us how they do it. I imagine it is passed down from generation to generation. That would be more fun than looking it up on the internet…. know any mexicans?
A: it would be more fun, but the only mexican i know definately doesn’t know how to make hand made tortillas! Yvonne is a good cook, i’m sure but i don’t think her family passed that down to her. they didn’t even pass down spanish for goodness sake! so that’s pretty much ruled out. i’m thinking i’ll be able to do it after some research. it shouldn’t be a big problem.
T: yeah, I’m sure it’s not too tough. Well, on to the ratings for this meal… I give it a 3.6/5. It was pretty good, but not up to your normal standards. The canned jalapenos weren’t jiving with the guacamole- not your fault that that’s all the store had. The tomatillo salsa was good, and I enjoyed thoroughly the use of the endive.
A: i definately agree that it wasn’t up to my normal standards. I give this meal a 2.7/5. It was barely alright. the tomatillo sauce was good, although not the best i’ve made. the guac just tasted weird due to the jalapenos. the tomato in the pico has started to get a little grainy, and the carnitas were just alright. Needless to say, we didn’t eat any corn tortillas but i’m sure they would have been okay if i had figured out how to make them. that little market you bought the dough from generally does food well. So, anyway, i was less than enthused by the meal. The endive definately did step in and save the day.
T: yeah, that was a good save. You were about to start throwing away the food in frustration, but fortunatly you had that moment of inspiration.
A: yup… we always talk about how we need to eat things that don’t taste so good so our reader(s) will believe that we don’t just like everything and we do have discerning tastes.
T: you are always saying that we need to eat things that don’t taste so good. Me, I like the goods! :)

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

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  1. jenjen says:

    wow that looks amazing, a mouthful of perfection I say!

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks jenjen! looks can be deceiving…not one of the best things i’ve ever made taste-wise, although it was a good concept and if everything had come together it would have been perfection! great party food.

  3. keiko says:

    Hi Amanda, this is a lovely summery dish, your picture is great as always. I love your star-rating system by the way, I think it’s cool :)

  4. Amanda says:

    Thank you Keiko! The complement means a lot coming from you! You are one of the best food photographers I see in the food blogging community. :-)

  5. DM says:

    Don’t flour the press, it’ll make a huge mess andnot work very well. Instead try using plastic wrap, or even better a cut open ziplock bag….

  6. Us says:

    DM, this advice will definately be used. I hear the ziploc bag is the way to go. Thanks!

  7. Leah Romero says:

    Hey guys! Amanda you should do me a favor and create a wonderful vegetarian dish that I might actually be able to cook. Cause the website makes me want meat and that is soo bad. So please please. Maybe sometime this summer I’ll be able to make it out there.

  8. Amanda says:

    Leah!!!! wooo hooo!!! it’s great to hear from you. I seriously have been meaning to email you but… okay… you know i can just be bad about that stuff. I will certainly do a veggie meal for you soon! And we would absolutely love it if you could come for a visit! Do you eat fish, or are you strictly veggies??

  9. Leah Romero says:

    So I just checked this a year later… No seafood. Nothing that ever had a face. Just fruits and veggies and all that goodness. Oh and dairy and eggs are still ok.