Danish Bleu Cheese and Cranberry Stuffed Pork Chops

Tonight we’re eating pork chops stuffed with Rosenborg bleu cheese and sauteed cranberries. The chops are served with roasted rosemary potatoes and brussels sprouts and topped with caramelized mushrooms and onions which were deglazed with sherry vinegar.

A: We’ve become un-chatty in these later bloggin days.
T: Well, I’m sick. I have an excuse. What’s yours?
A: uhhh, who do you think gave you the illness? I’m still slightly sick as well.
T: That’s no excuse.
A: alright, alright, did I mention that I’m HOT? And I don’t mean sexy hot.
T: you should turn down the thermostat.
A: nah. I’ll cool off eventually.
T: I’m hot too, but I thought it was feverishness. I’m going to turn down the thermostat.
A: anyway, let’s cut to the chase. What’d you think of dinner?
T: This meal was a 9.39/10. Maybe even more. It was great. Oh my goodness cranberry and bleu cheese go well together. With pork particulary. oooowee. I agree with what you said earlier. It seemed like a winter/fall meal. It would make for a terrific holiday meal. But every day’s a holiday here at whatwereeating.com.
A: and T ain’t jokin, people. We live everyday as if it were a holiday.
T: yeah, we got to get jobs one of these days.
A: awww hush up.
T: ok, ok, we have jobs.
A: although with the number of hours I work sometimes it doesn’t feel like I have a job.
T: We might not have jobs in a couple of months.
A: yeah, uhh, we’re for sure not going to have jobs in a little under a couple of months. My last day of work is dec. 31.
T: I’m not sure when my last day is. I’ll have to check on that. Anyway, how’d you like tonight’s meal?
A: I liked it. I give this meal an 8.57/10.
T: what would you say kept this meal from getting a higher score?
A: perhaps it wasn’t even the meal, but my mood after cooking it. I was hot, and tired, and thought that I had screwed stuff up.
T: well, I was delighted to taste that you hadn’t.
A: well, thank you mr. Tyler. I also thought the cranberry and bleu cheese worked wonderfully together. I’ve never cooked with cranberries before tonight, although I have a huge bag left, so I’m sure they will appear in our meals soon. The pork, in my opinion, was a little overcooked. It was still juicy, but it was definately done.
T: I thought it was cooked just right. I couldn’t think of anything wrong with the amount of cookedness.
A: We’ll have to do a special thanksgiving edition from arkansas.
T: yes, indeed. That will be fun. We’ll have all kinds of guest cooks and raters. We’ll have to have several dishes pictured.
A: definately. I’m getting stoked.
T: We can donate all the proceeds to charity.
A: heh. Proceeds. I haven’t seen a proceed yet.
T: you never know, maybe by then we will be raking in the dough.
A: the only dough I imagine us raking in by thanksgiving is going to be one I create, out of flour and yeast.
T: yeah, with that attitude. Although it would be nice to see you creating dough.
A: perhaps this weekend. We’ll have guests in town, and maybe I’ll feel up to it.
T: goodnight, stay healthy.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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