closeup jalapeno

We’re Cooking Something Up…

T:Ok so maybe that’s a bit over-dramatic. We are feeling better, though. 🙂

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  1. rai says:

    chile renos (add a tilde)? oh how i wish i could find jalapenos (add a tilde) in switzerland!!! i think some patron is needed for every ‘add a tilde’. enjoy your dinner!

  2. Bobby says:

    Happy New Year Amanda, Tyler, and Pepita!!! I like that picture, took me a few seconds to figure out what the hell it was. I sliced on a finger tip, just the end, nothing major, just a pain, and a bleeder. Hopefully a long time before I do that again.

    Keep on truckin’

  3. Nicole says:

    Glad to hear you’re both feeling better! Happy new year to you both!

  4. Amanda says:

    rai, that’s a good guess! mmm. i could totally go for a chili rellano right about now. unfortunately, that’s now what’s a brew. 😛 no jalapenos in switzerland?!?! can you at least find thai chiles? or serranos? or habaneros? i couldn’t live in a place with no hot chiles!

    hehehe bobby, any stiches? i hope it was at least a sharp knife you used to dismantle your finger tip. those cuts tend to hurt way less than the ones with dull blades. 😉 maybe you new years wish can be for a new fingertip! Happy New Years!

    Happy New Years, Nichole!!! we are both feeling back up to par and we are just ready and itching to get back to the blogosphere with avengence (especially since T got a macro lens for christmas!!! woo hooo!)