boat in puerto rico

Travel Thursdays: I’m getting the EFF Outta Rincon (for the night)

Sadly, not my actual mode of transportation.

Bon voyage, mes amis! I’m about to hit the high seas for Travelin’ Thursdays. And by hit the high seas I mean gas up the ol’ Nissan and hit the autopista and truck it to a different part of the island. The surf in Rincón is blowing up right now which means half of my friends are getting pummeled by waves. Clearly that’s a sign that I should go visit friends who (like me) don’t give two shits about whether there is a swell in town or not. (Sorry surfers, loves you, just don’t care about the waves.) 😉

Today I’m headed to San Juan to meet my friend, Kristelyn. Kristelyn is an acupuncturist on cruise line that happens to occasionally dock in Puerto Rico, which means I get to see her! Funny side story with Kristelyn, we were actually virtually neighbors when I was living in San Diego… only we didn’t know it until her brother and my high school best friends, Yvonne, came down to visit from northern California a couple of years after they had started dating. Coincidentally it turns out my best friend’s boyfriends sister was living a mere two blocks from where I was. Crazy how the world works, right? Now I get to drive across this Caribbean island and pick her up for a true ladies day. (There might be shopping and dining involved. Just sayin’.)

amanda and kristelyn

As you can see we share the same taste in fashion. Just kidding! Clearly we were bridesmaids celebrating the aforementioned union of my bestie and her bro.

It’s time for me to set sail and hit the pot-holey road to San Juan. I promise to take a bunch of pictures (at least, like, 10 total) and report back on how Travel Thursday goes. Adios, mis amores! Te veo pronto!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Hope you have a blast today! My Travel Thursday consists of traveling 10 minutes down the road to the dentist. Boo. 🙁