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Recommendation: Diary of a Teenage Baker

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For today’s post, I’d like to introduce you the budding food blogger/baker, Christina, of the blog Diary’s of a Teenage Baker . Before Christina ever started a food blog, she submitted a food photo to me on FoodPornDaily and low and behold I loved it! Now that’s a 17 year old, no food blog, novice cook who was already rocking it. Shit, she might have only been 16 back when I first posted one of her photos. I love to see people so inspired by food and cooking at such a young age and to imagine the bright culinary future that they have ahead of them.

A few months after her first appearance on FPD, I opened up yet another great submission from her. Along with the submission she sent a secondary email explaining that she had previous submitted a photo back before she had started her blog and asking if I would add a link to the old photo. Unfortunately, every time I update a post it sends it back into people’s feed readers, which I’m not a fan, of so that didn’t happen. (Sorry, girl!) But she is one of the people whose name I am excited to see pop into my inbox because I know it’s probably going to be a quality photo of delicious-looking food.

oreo cheesecake brownies
A prime example of Christina’s work which may or may not be appearing on FPD in the next week or so. Hint hint, Christina!

Back when I was Christina’s age, I used to spend hours at the bookstore studying recipes (because I was too broke to buy them and the internet hadn’t taken off yet). After days of planning, I would invite the crew over to my mom’s house and throw a lavish dinner party. (Wait, other than the advent of the internet & moving out of my mom’s house, pretty much all of this paragraph could be written about my current life.) Anyway – from the time I was a kid I was passionate about food and even though I went to college for criminology, look where life has taken me! That’s why seeing someone so young with such a passion is so exciting to me. So why don’t you guys hop on over to Chrstina’s blog and check her out! If you have a sweet tooth, I guarantee you are bound to start drooling!

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  1. Amanda,
    You just made my day! Thank you so much for your praise – being featured on Food Porn Daily is always a huge honor =)

  2. Margaret says:

    Christina is awesome, and her food is delicious! Anybody who loves good food will absolutely adore her site!