Passion Fruit Ricotta Torte

Extraordinary Desserts

Passion Fruit Ricotta Torte
Eater rating: 4.6 / 5  4.625

White Chocolate Cheesecake
White Chocolate Cheesecake
Today we went out for a celebration lunch/dessertfest at Extraordinary Desserts. Extraordinary Desserts has two locations (both in San Diego): one in Little Italy (we visited this location) and one near Balboa Park. You enter Extraordinary Desserts through an extraordinary door, one nearly three times as wide as a normal door. The interior has a very modern/artistic/urban feel to it with a sense of openess and style. Their menu offers everything from artisan cheeses, dips, and bruschetta to paninis, salads, and an incredible array of desserts and ice creams, all made on location.

Passion Fruit Ricotta Torte Innards
Innards of the Passion Fruit Ricotta Torte
A: i have looked (and drooled) over extraordinary desserts’ menu for ages now. i’m sooooo happy we finally made it there!
T: you can tell by the pictures that we enjoyed ourselves!
A: absolutely. everything there was beautifully plated and oh-so-tasty!
T: very true. Everything we had was excellent. The desserts definately shined over the savories, though.
A: definately as far as beauty goes, but flavorwise i thought some aspects of lunch were quite good.
T: yes, quite good, i don’t disagree with you there. I’m only saying I thought the desserts were better.
A: heheh, i guess you can put a savory girl in a sweets store but you can’t take the savory out of her… does that make any sense at all?? i thought the parmesan pesto and the avocado bruschetta (with artichoke and truffle tapenade) were amazing. i could have gotten full on just those things.. but… Avocado Bruschetta
Avocado Bruschetta

T: heheh, you can take the savory out of a girl… well, i know what you’re saying, although, no, it made no sense whatsoever 😉 Yeah, the parmesan pesto was great, oh my, the artichoke and truffle tapenade was soo good.
A: mmmm… i think i’m now hungry again just thinking about them. i’m not trying to diminish how good i thought the passion fruit torte was, i’m just a fool for savories. Speaking of the torte, i can’t believe how light and refreshing it was…. sooooo good
T: Cardamom Ice Cream
Cardamom Ice Cream
I enjoyed the ice cream that I had quite a bit too. It had a nice flavor and texture. It wasn’t truly outstanding, though.
A: i know what you mean. judging from the bite i had, i think it could have used more cardamom… i feel like i barely tasted it.
T: yeah, I agree with you on that one. I know you’re not going to agree here, but my least favorite part of the experience was the interior design of the place. Its modern stylings felt very cold to me, and I thought the tables were arranged in to grid-like a fashion. I enjoyed some of the ceramics they had hanging around, but the rest of it was just too cold and hard. That’s my only real complaint though.
A: 🙂 you are right, i don’t agree with you on that one. i thought it was a great interior for this type of place. i like open, spacious modern places and extraordinary desserts is no exception. i thought that even though it was kind of industrially and sparcely furnished it had a warmth too. like, natural lighting with walls of window and sky lights. they also had that retractable wall that made it seem like the dining room was freely flowing into the patio. i liked it.
Italian Tuna Panini and Potato Salad
Italian Tuna Panini and Potato Salad
T: word. Well, all in all i give the experience a 4.65/5. It was good, and I would recommend it to others who are looking for some good finger foods followed by an exceptional dessert.
A: i couldn’t agree with you more…i give extraordinay desserts a 4.6/5 (seriously, i had this rating in mind before you rated). it was quite good, an all around enjoyable experience.
T: Indeed… so, what poll option do you think will win on the new what we’re eating poll?
A: i’m rooting for fruit…. which is what i think it is. buuuut… i guess realistically people will probably say answer number three.
T: Yeah, that’s my camp. True, scientists call tomatoes a fruit, but… it just seems to be used more as a veggie to me. I mean, come on, it’s a veggie.
A: dude.. i’m so not a scientist and i call it a fruit. that’s just discrim-a-hating…
T: you got it from the scientists.
A: heheh nope, i got it from pop culture.
T: we’ll have to let the people decide.
A: here here!

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

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  1. Denise says:

    Did someone said WHITE CHOCOLATE? ohhh myyy gossh I wished I could go there!!! So glad both of you enjoyed your time there(:

  2. sarinne says:

    If you don’t like the modern decor in little italy, try the hillcrest location. It has a warm, comfy, cozy feel to it. They don’t serve food there since it’s so small. It’s mainly desserts, coffee based drinks, and teas. If you see the blood orange cake in the case, it’s a must try!

  3. Us says:

    I loved the modern decor… but i’m sure tyler would appreciate the warmth of the hillcrest location! we will definately be paying them a visit. Thanks for the advice Sarinne!

  4. Chocoholic says:

    Wow! Those desserts do look quite extraordinary! Thanks for the post.