Good Times in Viejo San Juan!

Meet some of my favorite people! From left to right: Karla, Thor, Rachael, Veronica & Gabe! (And me there at the end.) <3

This weekend half of Rincon packed up and headed to the other side of the island to hear the sweet strains of reggae at the Steel Pulse, Groundation & Cultura Profetica concert in San Juan. My roomie and I had already decided that this needed to be an overnight trip since the concert didn’t end until 2am and the two and a half hour drive across the island sounded like trouble. We booked some beds at a hostel and wound up with a room to ourselves, which was perfect since we had a crew that needed to crash as well. We might have ended up having to pay some more the next day but for the great time it was totally worth it. Still drunk from having stayed out until nearly dawn we decided tailgating first thing was in order before enjoying a debaucherous day in San Juan. Here’s a glimpse of what ensued….
tailgating in old san juan
Don Q for breakfast? Check.

more tailgating in old san juan
Bottom’s up, mi gente!

What's up, vron?
S’up, Vron! Wake up!

the lades!
Some ladies I love!

and we're walking...
And we’re walking, and we’re walking…

a proud rican iguana
Lookie! It’s a proud Rican iguana! Screw the statehood party!

thor at the fort
It’s always rock-n-roll when Thor’s chillin’ at the fort.

look out tower full of awesome
With the lookout tower filled with hot ladies, it’s bound to be a good time!

drunken times on signs
There might have been silly moments of drunkenness on signs. Maybe.

salsa in the streets
And just before the evening in San Juan ended, we stumbled into some salsa in the street. Always a great thing.

2 comments so far:

  1. Nicole says:

    That looks like a good time! Love the moody clouds in the background :-)

  2. Amanda says:

    thanks, nicole! the lighting and sky were a large part of what motivated me to be taking pictures! a stormy tropical sky is the shit! ps – you and phil need to wrap up the house so you can save up to come visit me before i move out! :)