blood orange

California Blood Orange

Citrically delicious!
Our recent move to San Diego has placed us in the middle of citrus growing country. California produces everything from lemons, limes, and grapefruits, to navel, mandarin, and clementine oranges. Somewhere in this category falls the magnificently beautiful blood orange. We are lucky to live in such a citrically bountiful area that allows us to buy locally grown produce found few other places on earth! Behold the blood orange.

T: this is the first blood orange I’ve ever had.
A: it’s not mine. I had a blood orange last week, the same day I packed this blood orange into your lunch. To me a blood orange is not as sugary sweet as a tangarine or a mandarin orange- it’s more tart. mmmm shall I say it’s a sweet tart?
T: well, you just did. no going back now. 😉
A: oh well, hopefully the trademark sweetart people won’t come after us.
T: we should shut the blinds and lock the doors just in case.
A: you can never be too safe.
T: no, I’ve heard things about those sweetart people… disturbing things.
A: you’ll have to tell me sometime when we’re not in public.
T: i’ll have to write it in code: chicken legs walk proudly under the notepad.
A: (gasp) I see! Thank goodness for code.
T: And now I’m going to have to kill you.
A: So you’re going to cook meals for this site now? You might want to rethink the killing thing, ok?
T: ok, good point. Well… you better not tell anybody.
A: you wrote it in code, it’s there for them to figure out, you just have to be as smart as me 😉 doesn’t take much. Maybe you should just watch your ass, big man!
T: I certainly will- back to the blood orange, though, it’s good although I prefer the taste of a mandarin or other kind of sweet er orange.
A: I do like sweet oranges- don’t get me wrong, but I’m also a huge fan of tart and tangy things- like grapefruits and artificial sour candies.
T: I also like artifical sour candies. Sweet tarts are not only delicious, but they are good for you, and uhh… eat lots of sweet tarts.
A: Tyler, I don’t think sucking up will help you now. It’s a lost cause. Anyway, blood oranges are just soo much fun to eat, purely based on their color alone.
T: I agree- they are soo pretty to look at.
A: It was wild when I first peeled one. You know how when you peel an orange sometimes you break through the skin and some of the juice dribbles out? Well, this happened to me, and it really looked like dark red blood oozing out of the white skin of the orange.
T: that’s so cool.
A: yeah, it was groovy. Totally a fun experience.
T: peace out peeps.
A: eat lots of blood oranges.
T: and sweet tarts… and pop tarts.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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