Lime, Chicken, and Vegetable soup

Tonight we’re eating one of those clean the fridge meals. Dinner consisted of a chicken soup made with fresh broth. Leeks, sweet potatoes, and green beans are the vegetables featured tonight.

A: So, T, what’d ya think?
T: It was light, fresh. It had a little zippadee doo da. Mmm.
A: by zipadee doo dah, are you refering to the lime aspect?
T: Yes. Yes I am.
A: yeah, I thought it was quite a delightful soup as well. It was a light, brothy soup, like I had been craving lately. Not to mention I had to make a broth with the leftover carcass soon anyway.
T: This was an incredible way for you to clean the fridge. bravo.
A: danke, danke.
T: I give this a 9.5/10. Tonight was my night for comfort food. Rice, brothy meat. That’s it, right there.
A: yeah, we’ve definately been in the comfort zone, lately. I give the soup a 9.0/10. It was good. It fulfilled my desire for a light, brothy soup. It was a treat for my tastebuds as the citric acid from the lime assaulted my mouth.
T: so, you looking forward to being a college grad tomorrow?
A: uhh, I will be if I pass my exam.
T: you’re going to pass. You have to get a 35 to fail. cmon. you got that.
A: I sure hope so. It would suck to blank at a very critical moment.
T: I have total confidence that you will do well.
A: I’ll at least aim for a 50.
T: thats the spirit.

kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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  1. Linda says:

    Hi guys – I’d love the recipe for this soup but can’t find it on the website. Saw a photo of the soup (wrong photo) in the Vancouver Lifestyles magazine – do you have the recipe? Sounds/looks wonderful.