Crimini and Sausage Quiche

Quiche: it’s what’s for brunch.

Provencal Quiche
Eater rating: 4.6 / 5  4.625

For brunch we’re eating a quiche made with browned american breakfast sausage, sauteed crimini mushrooms deglazed with fresh lemon juice, blanched cauliflower, chevre, parmesan, fresh sage, white truffle oil, and lemon zest. The quiche was nestled in a puff pastry crust and garnished with sage and white truffle oil.

A:I don’t know if we’ve ever blogged about sunday brunch before, have we?
T: Hmm… does Eggs Katrina count?
A: heheh i think so. Hold on! was that on a sunday?? or was that on a monday?
T: Sunday.
A: crazy. well yes, then, we have blogged suday brunch. while being rained upon.
T: It was a good smell to wake up to this morning.
A: awesome. did the smell get you out of bed? that’s what i had been trying to accomplish with the strawberry crisp the other day.
T: It helped. Definately.
A: :-) the smell of cheese crisping and sausage will definately get me up before a smell of some damn fruit caramelizing.
T: heheh, yeah. me too.
A: so what did you think of today’s brunch?
T: awesome.
A: cool. While it was pretty freakin rich, the flavorful bursts of goat cheese and the crimini mushrooms that had been deglazed with lemon juice gave it a freshness.
T: Yeah. I didn’t think it was too heavy at all. It seemed pretty light. This was your first quiche in a long time! I liked the use of the puff pastry.
A: me too! i finally shook off that mega case of laziness i had about just using premade pie crusts and at least had to roll out the dough and shape it and pre-bake it. i had always taken the lazy man’s route before. I know i just asked this about brunch… but have we ever blogged a quiche before??
T: hmm… this may be the first.
A: cool :-) well, i give this quiche a 4.6/5. It really hit home for me today. the flavors all went incredibly well together and it made me want more. I probably could have eaten another piece…but…
T: but… you’re saving the rest for me?
A: 😀 well of course I am! 😉
T: Well I rate it a 4.65/5. It was better than any quiche I’ve ever had from a restaurant. And… I don’t think I’ve had a lot of homemade quiches. For me this one was about as good as a quiche gets (which is damn good).
A: WOOOO HOOOO. those are some nice words you said there, mista t!
T: It might be time for some post-brunch crisp pretty soon here.
A: it’s definately available. you still have another meal in your future! it’s the end of the road for me. it’s still weird having my night be during the morning.
T: It is weird.
A: oh well. that’s the way the cookie crumbles, right/
T: That’s the way the crisp crumbles, anyway.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

7 comments so far:

  1. Bron says:

    Mmmm now that’s what I call a quiche! YUM!

  2. gagatka says:

    That’s really yummy. I’m sure the truffle oil makes it really special!

  3. Yummy…that looks gorgeous. I love quiche (though I admit, I use the rollout crust).

  4. RP says:

    Looks yummy!
    Hey, thanks for linking me. But how did I come under San Deigo food blogs?

  5. Rosa says:

    That looks very appetizing with all those yummy ingredients used!…

  6. Alex says:

    That looks simply stunning. I love the look of all your food.
    I want to try that quiche!

  7. Amanda says:

    Thanks everybody! :-)

    gagatka, anything with truffle oil is very special to me!

    michelle, i too love quiche (and i too mostly fall victim to using things like roll out crusts)! but hey, sometimes it’s alright to be lazy…right? (please say right!)

    RP, it’s our pleasure! (and you got put under san diego blogs because of user error – me 😉 )

    Alex, sadly (or not so sadly) I ate it all with reckless abandon! even tyler didn’t get much of this puppy. i will put of the recipe soon, or if you have a quiche recipe on hand, just add the ingredients – they worked very well together.