Fresh Strawberry Crisp

Fresh Strawberry Crisp

Fresh Strawberry Crisp
Eater rating: 4.4 / 5  4.35

For breakfast we ate an oooey gooey fresh strawberry crisp made from local California strawberries given to us by our neighbor.

T: this crisp made for a nice breakfast. And then a nice lunch.
A: :-) i mean, really, what more do you need than carbs and fruit? oh yeah, and you had ice cream with it in the morning, so there’s your dairy, too. An all around well balanced meal, what more could you ask for?
T: I guess just more of it. It’s gone now.
A: we have to thank our lovely neighbor for this dessert. This morning she suprised me by giving us a huge plate of fresh strawberries.
T: It’s nice of her to share all of her strawberries with us. It’s quite a sad story about her attempt to make some money at the farmers market last week. Apparently she bought 10 pounds of strawberries, a bunch of chocolate, a tent, and some signs. She then proceeded to dip her strawberries in melted chocolate, took them out to the market, set up the tent, put up her signs, and then was told that she couldn’t sell anything without a commercial license of some sort. Bummer.
A: for sure. that’s the main reason i’ve never attempted a booth at a similar venue. I know they check those things. it’s just the man keeping us down, my brotha
T: damn the man and his rules. Not to worry, though, Elizabeth. We will eat all the chocolate-dipped strawberries you throw our way.
A: and especially the unchocolate dipped strawberries she throws our way. those are the ones i get to play with!
T: Yes I love unchocolate dipped strawberries too. So what all went into the strawberry crisp, Amandy?
A: hehehe that’s bad. shame on you and these silly names! well, the fruity part had strawberries, a little sugar, a little flour, some ground ginger, and some nutmeg. and the crisp part had flour, sugar, oats, butter, ground ginger, and nutmeg. That way each layer of the crisp had the same spice. Oh yeah, a little pinch of salt went into both the fruit and the topping.
T: I liked the oats. That was off the chain homes. I didn’t realize there was ginger, though. Was it apparent and I just missed it?
A: i put a decent amount. i would have prefered to put fresh grated ginger and ginger juice, though. I think strawberries and ginger just compliment each other really well, so the flavor isn’t overwhelming, so much as a lovely accent.
T: that’s crazy, I’ve never even thought of strawberries and ginger going together. Have you had a lot of strawberries and ginger together?
A: no.. i can’t say that i have. but i enjoy the flavors together.
T: Where else have you had the flavors together?
A: i really can’t think of anywhere. but this morning i dipped a berry in some ginger sugar and it tasted great.
T: did you just happen to have ginger sugar on hand?
A: no silly, i thought, hmm i bet ginger would go really well with strawberries, so i mixed some ground ginger with some sugar and then dipped the berry in it.
T: interesting. I can’t help but be reminded of the wonderful ginger tea you made for me a while back when I was sick. That stuff was good.
A: thanks! i’m a huge fan of ginger, although that hasn’t always been the case. I just think it mixes so well with so many flavors. mmm mmm mmm.
T: yeah, I like it in stir-fries.
A: and ice creams…and marinades, and beverages, and and and….
T: and… the ancients would chew on ginger to relieve stomach aches. And I guess the not-so-ancients did that too.
A: shit, that’s exactly what i did for you with the tea. Ginger is definately known for it’s anti-nauseant qualities.
T: That tea was awesome, definately. I wonder how well ginger really works as an anti-nauseant, though. I mean,…
A: why do you think people are always given ginger ale when they have a stomach ache. it really does work.
T: my momma always gave me Coke when I had a stomach ache.
A: COKE!!!! hasn’t coke been illegal your whole life? laura!
T: Amanda, amanda, amanda. There’s only one coke for me, and it comes nicely packaged in a red can with the word “cocacola” on it.
A: oh… :-) well then, did you ever think it was helping your stomach?
T: ummm… no.
A: Exactly! if she had been giving you ginger ale, your stomach aches would have cured!
T: I can see how ginger might have some effect on a stomach ache, but, c’mon, ginger ale is just a bunch of high-fructose corn syrup. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of ginger in there.
A: there is definately some ginger in there. anyway, we have completely lost track of the strawberry crisp! (and i have work looming in the near future :-( ) So what’d you rate this one?
T: I rate this one a 4.4/5. It was super. Probably could have used a little more of the topping, but it was super-tasty.
A: awesome! i agree on the topping thing. I only had a quarter of a cup of butter (a key ingredient in the topping) so the amount of topping i could make was rather limited. I give this dessert a 4.3/5. It was quite tasty, but i definately think it could be tweaked.
T: will you be tweaking it anytime soon?
A: uh… if i find some good fresh berries at a reasonable price, i would love to! perhaps even make it for the 4th, since it’s such a vivid red color. It would go wonderfully with my blue potatoes!
T: I don’t generally think of fruit crisps going well with blue potatoes. I mean, yeah. I just don’t see it.
A: heheheh 😛 not during the same course. but that way i can have a very blue part of the meal, and a very red part of the meal. And white should be easy to take care of. Then i can be all.. uh… spirited… and stuff.
T: I need to know more about these blue potatoes. How blue are they? Where do they come from? Why have I never even heard of such a thing? Is this modern technology at work?
A: they’re blue blue. like a deep blue. I think they may be known as purple peruvian potatoes, but don’t bet the ranch on that one. They may be called purple, but trust me. they are blue.
T: that’s insane. Do they taste like regular potatoes?
A: i’m pretty sure they do. the last time i was at the produce market, they had blue sweet potatoes too. those i think may be crazy modern technology, but the purple peruvian potatoes have been around for centuries, if not longer.
T: I wonder if they can grow like 25 lb strawberries in labs these days. That would be neato.
A: scary.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

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  1. Ginger and strawberries…can’t say I’ve ever had it, but it DOES sound like a great combination!

    I keep ginger root in the freezer. That way, I always have some on hand if, say, my neighbor drops off some strawberries on the fly! (I peel it before I freeze it, since it’s a little hard to peel frozen.)

  2. Marianne says:

    The potatoes are bluish purple, but if you mash them, the cream turns them into a vivid lavender. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

    Now, I demand crisp immediately. I am dealing with booking travel arrangements for dreaded “television personalities” and don’t you think I deserve a little crisp? Please?

  3. Laura says:

    Where is the recipe for this delicious recipe?

  4. Amanda says:

    Michelle, it really was a good combo. That’s a great idea (the peeled ginger in the freezer thing). I will definately be using it!

    Marianne, they were just as you said – lavender and pretty, pretty pretty! Of course you deserve the crisp! I put the crisp in the mail yesterday, hopefully it won’t be molded or swarming with fly by the time it gets to you – i sent it standard USPS ground mail! 😛 be on the look out!

    Laura, I’m going to post the recipe in the next day or two – be on the look out!

    Thanks Rorie!

  5. Denise says:

    haba haba haba.. that sounds so good! can’t wait for the recipe(:

  6. keiko says:

    Hi Amanda, what an interesting recipe and it looks beautiful. who doesn’t love strawberries… (especially when they’re given by such a nice neighbour…)

  7. gina says:

    where is the recipe?

  8. phd says:

    ditto – would LOVE the recipe NOW : )))