European-influenced Herb Crust Calzone

Tonight we’re eating a calzone made with a rosemary thyme dough. The calzone is stuffed with sauteed baby Russian kale, pepperoni, feta, fresh roma tomatoes, garlic, yellow peppers, and sun-dried tomato and basil mozzarella.

T: whew, this was a great calzone, and it came after quite a dramatic string of events.
A: yeah, perhaps we should start the evening off by letting everyone know how dinner tonight came to be. First, let me just say, I don’t have a baker’s peel, so when I tried to put the first pizza on the stone it stuck to my cutting board, and the dough was ripping. So thus the evolution of the calzone. When the pizza fails, fold it in half and it’s much easier to get onto the stone. Alright, that’s pizza #1. Now, pizza #2 we can’t even blog about because we never got a chance to eat it.
T: I heard a shriek. A very loud one. I ran into the kitchen, ready to call 911, but there’s no pizza emergency room that I know of.
A: alright mr funny pants.
T: seriously, though. I thought you might be injured. I keep expecting you to drop a knife on your foot.
A: dude, I don’t drop knives anymore.
T: but, there was no bloody foot, only a pizza, face down, on my floor, which hasn’t been mopped since 2004.
A: needless to say, there was an incident with the second pizza, and it landed on the floor and all over my foot. And it wasn’t the pizza on the ground that made my high-pitched squeal, but the grease burning into my sensitive foot skin.
T: so how is your foot doing, anyway?
A: mild burns, but nothing to keep me awake at night.
T: So, anyway, I didn’t miss that pizza one bit. That was a spectacular calzone.
A: I’ll tell you what I’ll miss. I’ll miss all the havarti I used on that pizza, and all the bacon, and the dough… everything that could have been, Tyler, everything that could have been!
T: I could have been the next Bob Saget, but …
A: no, you could never be Bob Saggett, there’s only one Bob Saget.
T: yeah, I know… go to for more about that, but back to the calzone. I give it a 9.3459/10. The kale was great in it. I can’t say enough about that. The mozzarella was awesome, all of the ingredients worked well together. Mmm.
A: I give it an 8.4/10. It loses points because I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t pull off one single pizza tonight, although the flavor of this calzone was quite nice. The kale definately added something uniquely refreshing and delightful.
T: yeah, it did. What else can I say, but that russian baby kale..
A: rocks.
T: yeah.
A: for sure… hey, maybe you should throw in how the gumbo wasn’t as bad as you had initially thought.
T: yeah, I almost forgot. I gave the gumbo from the last post a rather low score. We ate it again for leftovers the two nights following that one, and it was quite good leftover.
A: I was just trying to save face by making you bring it up. It was disappointing to see that you didn’t like my gumbo as much as I did that first day.
T: Well, I think you were right in what you said to me a couple of days ago… it just wasn’t cooked enough that first night. The wine needed to cook off, the vegetables needed to cook down, and the flavors needed to marry. It would have received somewhere in the 9’s if we had blogged it one day later.

Pitsa inaliwa na mimi leo.
Cocine una pizza hoy.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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