Stuffed Bread

Herb wheat bread stuffed with black forrest ham, smoked turkey, pepper jack, mozzarella, roma tomatos, green onions, and creole mustard

T: this was the bread Amanda sold at the Ivanhoe Music Fest. My god it was good.
A: it was alright, but not one of my best breadss ever. I was using a more coarsely ground whole wheat, which created a pretty rough texture in the actual bread.
T: Yes, it was a little coarser than usual, but not bad. The stuffing was soo good. The incredibly creamy cheese. ohhhh it was good. And a little spicy. It had everything I was looking for in a bread. I give it a 9.6/10. That’s one of the highest scores I’ve given. It was that good. Had it been a touch less coarse, I would have given it a higher score.
A: 9.6 is incredibly high. It’s good to hear you enoyed it as much as you did. I gave it an 8.7. As far as the overall enjoyment factor of this bread is concerned, it was good. If I were to just be judging the actual bread without the stuffing I would have given it a lower rating, but overall I enjoyed it.
T: the creamy spicyness. And warm. mm Mmm.
A: Today is Tyler’s birthday, so we aren’t going to be chatting long.
T: adios. Peace.

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