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Berry Delicious

Eater rating: 3.8 / 5  3.845
Tonight we ate out and forgot the camera, so here’s dessert! Dessert consisted of ganache, layered with cocoa filo, blackberries, and strawberries. A refreshing scoop of green tea ice cream was served on the side.

A: I was very disappointed for a moment when we left to go to dinner and I realized we didn’t have the camera with us. Fortunately, the idea of blogging dessert came along.
T: Yeah, we haven’t posted a dessert in a long time, so that’s cool.
A: I know this statement will be sac-relig for a lot of people but… I’m not desserts biggest fan.
T: Yes, we can forgive you for that… although it is difficult 😉
A: you are a very kind person, T. Others may not be so forgiving…It’s not that I DISLIKE dessert. It’s just that I feel like I could be taking in those calories in better ways…like with lamb, or potatoes, or… anything salty.
T: right, well, that’s what supper’s for. After supper, those of us who are sane enjoy a venture into sweets. it’s ok, nobody’s perfect.
A: heheheh.. I AM sane. Some of us are not lean men with fast metabolisms who can eat both a rich dinner and dessert. so.. i opt for the rich dinner.
T: well, that’s your decision. If I had to choose I would choose being bathed in melted chocolate for my meals, but that’s just me. I have this strange fascination with melted chocolate being poured all over my body. I’ve never done it- I’m sure i’d be dissapointed if I did…
A: or NOT. Maybe that’s what you’ll get for your b-day this year. you’ll just have to be good and find out. All this damned food blogging and looking at gorgeous pictures of dessert on flickr really has me wanting a moist, delightful, beautiful, gourmet cake of some sort. I’ve seen one from a place in san diego (which is where we live) that i’m DYING to try.
T: What place is that?
A: I think it’s called extraordinary desserts… i’m not completely sure though.
T: That sounds like a good blog topic for the future 😀
A: For sure. So… what’d ya think of the dessert tonight?
T: It was great. Tasty fruit, ganache… filo’s always good… and I love that green tea ice cream. I give it a 4/5.
A: I agree that all the elements were quite good. they weren’t a match made in heaven like the food in our last post was though. I give the dessert a 3.69/5. It was good, above average, but I definately have a lot to learn as far as desserts are concerned
T: yeah, although let me tell you, you make some fine desserts. My favorite is probably your bread pudding. We’ll have to blog about that one too. 😀
A: 🙂 why thank you mista tylah. I surely do like my bread puddin’ too! it is actually one of the better things I make.
A: weird it hasn’t ever appear on the blog before
T: yeah, well, that simply must change. how tired are you right now? 😉 just kidding, it can wait till tomorrow morning first thing.
A: heheheh yeah, right. maybe next week.
T: alll riiight…:-(
A: hmmm… you keep that poutting up and maybe it will be two weeks!……Psych!
T: woah, i’m way too unstable for that kind of emotional toying!
A: alright, alright, i’ll agree to possibly making it some time over the next week. Possibly.
T: hee hee hee alright!!
A: crazy.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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