dark chocolate ganache strawberries

Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Ganache Strawberries

Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Ganache Strawberries
Eater rating: 4.2 / 5  4.15

Tonight we’re eating strawberries that were dipped in a warm semi-sweet dark chocolate ganache. The chocolate was allowed to cool and then served with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

T: I like chocolate.
A: i do too.. but not as much as you do
T: maybe your passion for chocolate will grow, as has my passion for stinky cheese.
A: perhaps… i’ve always liked dark chocolate… it’s mainly milk chocolate that i’m not too fond of.
T: I can understand that coming from someone who isn’t the biggest sweets person in the world. I prefer dark chocolate too. It’s got more of the good stuff, and less of the unnecessary stuff.
A: for sure man!
T: what specific kind of chocolate did you use in the ganache?
A: uh… something that i got from one of those organic specialty stores… i don’t know who made it, but i’m pretty sure it was organic. something like 80% cocao
T: that’s a lot of cocao. 🙂
A: mmm hmmm… oh yeah.. the more the merrier, i like to say
T: oh for sure. they say that chocolate releases endorphines and what not, similar to the feeling of being in love. I wonder what would happen if you consumed like a lot of pure cocao. I mean, like, *a lot*.
A: you would vomit… that’s what happens when you consume a lot of anything, isn’t it?
T: silly. no vomiting. just mass cocao consumption. I kinda wanna try it.
A: a pool of melted chocolate anyone?
T: good idea! that would help absorb more cocao (through the skin). Soak in a tub of melted chocolate while eating pure cocao for an entire day. 😀
A: woohooo! count me out. okay, maybe i’ll still soak in the pool but, i want savories! give me savories!
T: of course there would be savories involved. wouldn’t want to only eat chocolate all day!
A: unless it the savories were chocolate based.. like mole. then the chocolate consumption could continue without interuption.
T: haha yeah, now you’re talking!
A: 😀 so, what did you think of the strawberries?
T: mmm.. they were excellent. The berries were nice and sweet, and the chocolate was divine. I rate this dessert a 4.4/5. I couldn’t give them a higher score because, as good as they were, they still get beat out by various forms of cake and pie. One thing I’d like to try sometime is, instead of pre-dipping the strawberries, dipping them while eating them, while the ganache is hot. mmmm…
A: that does sound quite nice. we certainly could have done that today. these things are soooo easy we could do that any day. I give this dessert a 3.9/5 for many of the same reason you gave a lower rating. it just isn’t at the top of the dessert totem pole. I’m a little saddened by the fact we don’t get any louisiana berries this year as well. california may be able to produce a crap load of berries, but they just aren’t the same caliber of sweetness and perfection as louisiana berries.
T: that’s true. It’s gotta be the river silt. It is the rectum of the country. The weather’s pretty stellar there as well. Dang I want some of those berries now. 🙁
A: hehehe I’m sorry T! i didn’t mean to ruin the ca berry experience for you.. i just want some of those berries!
T: yeah, fo sho. – hey, I just had a brilliant idea! 🙂
A: yeeeessss?? what’s that?
T: At parties (or at our computer while we blog) you could serve shots of hot ganache, in little shot glasses!
A: perhaps.. it couldn’t be quite the same recipe as what’s listed below.. it would have to have more cream in it to really stay fluid, but a good idea none-the-less. maybe instead of more cream we could thin it out with some kind of alcohol.
T: well, I think it would be good to thin it with a bit of cream. I don’t know about the alcohol in this case… i think that would get in the way of the chocolate rush. Maybe you could add some spicy red pepper to the chocolate! Talk about endorphine rush.
A: yeah… the alcohol could counteract the endorphines.. but mmm.. i do love spicy chocolate.
T: and i’m talking, spicy. that sounds so good.
A: i have a *lot* of ganache left over… i think maybe we’ll be trying this tomorrow or saturday!
T: how bout right now?

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

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  1. kenrick says:

    uh, ill take 4 please.

  2. Marianne says:

    Dang, y’all. See what you did there? You made my Southern come out. These look wonderful, and now I’m craving chocolate fondue (even though that isn’t quite what you’ve got). When do I get to come for dinner?

  3. Us says:

    Marianne: come on over to san diego and we’ll hook you up with a good meal!

  4. jax says:

    I am doing a IT project at school about healthy eating and i would like to use your picture chocolate covered strawberries. Would you be so kind as to grant your permission?

  5. ben goodyer says:

    this looks extra sexy
    love it yum yum in my tum