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Smokey White Bean and Ham Soup

Smokey White Bean and Ham Soup

Waaaaay better than Campbell's
Eater rating: 4.4 / 5  4.42
Lamb shank

Amanda Had a Little Lamb…

Whose flesh tasted really good
Eater rating: 4.7 / 5  4.72
Seared Mahi Mahi

Outrageously Delicious Mahi Mahi

Succulent, tender, moist and delicious
Eater rating: 4.7 / 5  4.68
Traditional Black Eyed Peas

The Johns are Hopping

fresh, zesty, some would say lucky
Eater rating: 4.3 / 5  4.286
Edamame dip

Edamame, Herb Chevre, and Roasted Garlic Dip

Edamame and Goat Cheese Dip
Eater rating: 4.5 / 5  4.5
Navy Bean and Kale Soup

A Rustic Bean, Kale, and Turkey Soup

A smokey navy bean and kale soup
Eater rating: 4.3 / 5  4.25