Sauteed Cod

Sauteed Cod with Pink Grapefruit Beurre Blanc

Sauteed Cod with Pink Grapefruit Beurre Blanc
Eater rating: 3.7 / 5  3.7

Tonight we at an early dinner of sauteed fresh wild cod on a bed of braised “mystery” leafy veggies and garnished with a tangy grapefruit beurre blanc.

T: so what’d you think of this meal overall?
A: honestly? i really didn’t think that it was completely cohesive. all the elements were pretty good, but they just didn’t tie together well. i really like the idea of grapefruit beurre blanc and a white fish but something wasn’t right. how bout you, t?
T: yeah the idea of this seems unbelievably great. I thought there was something missing on the savory end of the spectrum while eating the fish and grapefruit sauce.
A: you know, i really added very little salt to this meal. i really think that if i had even just seasoned the sauce and the fish a bit more, the dish would have worked better.
T: I agree that each item was really tasty by itself. I also enjoyed the mystery veggie.
A: mystery veggie = leafy not-so-green that tasted and had the same consistency as kale.
T: but it wasn’t kale?
A: man, i just don’t know. the produce market didn’t have a sign up for it. i read all the signs they had listed, identified each item on the shelf and was left wondering what this pretty purple (with green trim) veggie was.
T: Is there such a thing as a red or purple kale?
A: i dunno, t. maybe one of our wonderful readers knows what the heck we ate tonight!
T: you know what? I know one of them does. They always know. If I was on Millionaire and they were my audience, and the question was food-related, I would be happy to cash in on my “ask the audience” lifeline.
A: uh… dude… i didn’t know you were a huge millionaire fan.
T: i’m not. that woman… whoever she is…
A: meredith… ga… gu… i don’t know her last name
T: it doesn’t matter. She’s the spawn of satan. And that’s ok. Because I don’t ever have to look at her. Ahhh. It’s so nice.
A: hehehe you know what? i think she took the spot that that wretched Katie Coric vacated on the Today show. now it’s katie at night and meredith in the am.
T: Meredith and Katie are one in the same. They come from the same dark sector of the universe. It only makes sense that Meredith is following in her footsteps.
A: too true. i thought we had a war on terrorism in this country… how come they terrorize me every day and our government does nothing to stop them! huh?!?
T: I know, seriously, our country is at war with everything. Why the shit isn’t there a war on Katie Couric? And how has she come into her current position of power? How long will this last and what can we do about it?
A: i don’t know of anything we can legally do about it. all i know is that we’ve got to focus on the food to take our minds off of such horrible thoughts. So…
T: chicken and sausage gumbo chocolate chip cookies pickle pickle pickle alright I’m back.
A: sweet! hmm, so what’s your rating for dinner?
T: I enjoyed dinner tonight, but it didn’t quite groove like 99% of your meals do. I give this one a 3.9/5. Each item tasted great. Maybe served one after the other they would have been perfect. But on the same plate they made me feel… confused. What is this? What am I eating?
A: maybe that’s because we didn’t really know what we were eating (aka the not-so-greens). I do agree though. The meal wasn’t bad – but i was definately left wanting. I give this one a 3.5/5. I don’t know what i would change at this point, but i wouldn’t make this exact meal again. Maybe a different fish, maybe different seasonings in the beurre blanc. i dunno.
T: Well I certainly don’t know. I’m not exactly the go-to guy for culinary ideas. The idea seemed great, though- maybe you could try it again sometime in the future.
A: yeah, some nights things just don’t groove right for me, and others are smooth as butter. i’m thinking that may have something to do with it.
T: and I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am. That’s made me an apathetic eater to a certain extent. I just wasn’t hungry. This meal had a lot going against it. It’s got potential but tonight just wasn’t its night.
A: i’m definately going to use that grapefruit beurre blanc for something else sometime. i dunno what, yet. but it’ll pop up at some point 🙂

9 comments so far:

  1. aria says:

    mmmm, the grapefruit beurre blanc has got me completely interested, it sounds perfectly delish on a white flakey fish like that. looks good to me – inspired flavors as always you guys!

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks aria 🙂 it definately had the potential to be out of this world, i don’t know what my deal was though! hopefully, you’ll give it a whirl and improve upon it!

  3. michellephant says:

    You know I’m not a big fan of cod or grapefruit…I do like mystery greens though! My money is on some type of chard. What do you think? PS-I swear I have been meaning to call you for, oh, like two months. I suck! It will happen…soon!

  4. Amanda says:

    michelle, i want to agree with you about the possibility of it being chard, but it was just so damn fiberous… and purple. but the purple isn’t the wierd part, as far as chard is concerned.
    I totally thought i had missed your call, didn’t check my messages, and thought you might think I was ignoring you! good to hear that’s not what happened. 🙂 moving and getting settled is always so chaotic – it took us three months after we moved here to start blogging again. Oops!

  5. hahaha i so like the header! Wow you make the cod so classy guys!

  6. Ros says:

    Hmmm….I’ve seen kale that looks purple tinted round the edges but not THAT purple.

    Nice idea with the grapefruit beurre blanc. I always find it so hard to make white fish exciting.

  7. Amanda says:

    charles! i’m so glad! we’ve had both positive and negative feed back so far, and with a header as good as yours, i definately trust your opinion! (and thanks on the cod!)

    Ros, that’s exactly what i’m saying! what the hell is it then! i’m still lost. i guess i could go back to the market where i purchased it and see if they still have it and find ask a lovely worker.. but my, doesn’t that seem like a lot of work! 😉

  8. adam says:

    Do we actually have to SAY “Beurre Blanc”? Or can we just go ahead and say white butter?

  9. Amanda says:

    adam, j’ai un histoire de francais, si je dit “beurre blanc”. but hey, if i hadn’t taken six years of french i would probably say “white butter”. say what you will in what ever language! i don’t give a shit 🙂