Big Summer Potluck 2 – My Glimpse from Behind the Scenes

Pam Anderson and one of her gluten-free potluck dishes being shot by the kickass photographer, Stephen Scott Gross.

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to make it out to the Big Summer Potluck, hosted by Pam, Sharon & Maggy Anderson of ThreeManyCooks and Erika of Ivory Hut. Since I’m good friends with the Anderson’s (and the fact that they were housing my ass) , my experience at the weekend long event was mostly helping out behind the scenes. Okay, I’ll be honest – that’s also where I’m most comfortable! Don’t hate on the shy girl. 😉 I only had my cell phone with me to serve as my camera (which you will see in coming posts appears to be a trend!), but apparently I still took enough to bombard you with a shit ton of photos. 😉

Maggy Keet BSP2

One of the awesome BSP2 masterminds, Maggy, setting up at Linden Hill Gardens


A view of the inside of the “barn” at Linden Hill Gardens; the light was amazing!

Karen Hughan
The uber-fabulous Karen Hughan, who was responsible for all of the floral arrangements around the event all weekend!


Next to the Kerrygold Cheese, I’d have to say this box of freshly-picked, tree-ripened Pennsylvania peaches was my favorite food of the weekend. Not gonna lie, I easily devoured at least 10 in less than 36 hours. 😉

My shadow.
gratuitous shawdow self-portrait! (Mainly posting this one because the clover flower filled grass brings waves of nostalgia over me and takes me back to being 5 years old & making clover crowns and necklaces.)

Pam in polka dots.
I can’t resist taking pictures of Pam! She’s so gorgeous (inside & out), don’t you think?

Erika & Maggy listening to Penny speak
Maggy & Erika enjoying Penny’s first session from the “wings”. Seriously, the light in the barn makes me giddy. Such an amazing space for this amazing event!


The charming Tom, from Kerrygold Cheese and Karen. Chatting while prepping food (which is what we were doing, btw) is one of my all-time favorite things. 🙂

Kristin, the Kitchen Potager
I had a delightful time hanging out with Kristin, The Kitchen Potager, walking through her pizza garden and making shiso simple syrup! (PS- Kristin – I still fully plan to send you photos of my swiss chard once I get it planted!)

Kirsty Hughan
Kirsty Hughan, Pam’s new assistant, is one badass woman! I’m so effing lucky to have met both her and her mom, Karen! You ladies are the bee’s knees!

Silvana Nardone chatting w/ Kristin
I only have this candid photo of Silvana, who was there with her husband, Stephen, to cover the event for her new online gluten-free magazine. My experience at BSP2 wouldn’t have been the same without her! I had a blast getting to hang out with both you and your husband! You guys are a big ball of awesome! 🙂

Farm fresh Eggs
Farm fresh eggs, plucked from the chicken’s nest that morning! So gorgeous!

Penny De Los Santos & Pam Anderson

Two incredibly awesome women, one at least 8 second hug. Penny De Los Santos & Pam Anderson

Paula & Me

Okay, okay, I’ll show my mug just once! I forced Paula to take a party pic with me! Paula, I wish we’d had more time to hang! I can tell that you and I could get into some serious trouble, er, fun, together! 😉

Sharon Anderson
Sharon (the third many cook) was so busy working her ass off behind the scenes the whole freaking weekend that the only photos I have of her are from our decompression lunch on Sunday. You, my dear, ROCK. <3 you!

Tony, Andy & Sharon

Once it was all said and done, we hightailed it over to a local brewery for that aforementioned decompression lunch. And by decompression I mean gluten-filled. Have you had gluten-free beer? No? Please, don’t try it. I assure you the beers in this photo are filled to the max with gluten. The workhorses in this photo, from left to right, Tony, Andy and, of course, Sharon.

BSP2 was truly an amazing experience and I’m honored to have been a part of it. As a side-note, I think it speaks leaps and bounds as to the success of the event in capturing the true potluck vibe that I left without being given a single business card. An effing amazing feat at these types of events. I returned from that weekend with a full heart… and a sore body – it’s been years since I’ve done anything like a professional catering gig! 😉 Huge 8 second hugs to you all!

PS – Sorry for all the gushing in the post above. These events are always a big love fest… kinda like Woodstock for food bloggers (minus the sex, drugs and rock-n-roll). 😉

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  1. nicole says:

    I saw on the tweets from the event. I am so jealous. I hope to make it one day.

  2. Ah, mwah! LURVED meeting you! What a fantabulous weekend that was! Guess I need to get my boo-tay to PR now ; ) xoxo

  3. Cookie Rodriguez says:

    Great pics, you have a great life. Love the peaches!

  4. Amanda says:

    nicole – you are pretty close! you should absolutely come next year!! 🙂

    paula – bring it, lady! you name the date and i’ll make sure there’s a spot for you to sleep (that isn’t the floor or a couch. 😉

    cookie – muchas gracias! i tried to buy peaches at the Pitusa this week… omg, they were the grainiest, nasty little things i’ve ever tried to eat. not gonna lie, i ended up taking one bite then throwing them away! ps – i hope we are still on for Sunday! can’t wait to see you guys! 🙂

  5. Tari Pie says:

    Those are some pretty amazing shots for a cell phone! Way to go 🙂

    I must say that I’ve enjoyed much of the G-free food I’ve been cooking for my mom. However, I will Not give up my beer!

  6. Amanda says:

    thanks, tari!!! 🙂 if my ass weren’t so lazy i’d lug around my big girl camera. sadly, i am what i am.

    and yeah – gluten free food isn’t nearly as bad as gluten free beer. sorghum adds an almost molassesy sweetness to the gf beer. kinda makes me cringe. 😉

  7. Great behind the scenes taste of BSP2!! I loved hanging out with YOU!

    And I love your pics. I may have to get an iPhone — I love my droid, but it takes sucky pics of people. I keep getting signs that I may have drink the kool-aid on that one too.

    I don’t have a big girl camera because:
    A) it’s big and I don’t wanna carry it — lazy? Not so much, but I walk everywhere in NY and it’s too heavy and cumbersome.

    B)It stands out like dog’s balls — I know NY is all crime free and Disney-esque these days, but a camera is hard to keep on the down low and folks are getting “hungry” again here — thanks to our fab government. Oh that’s right I had an SLR and my friend left it on a chair in Starbucks in the city — not stolen, but did a good Samaritan turn it in???!!! I don’t think so.

    C) It makes my head hurt. My talents do not include camering. I’ve resisted learning how to use the camera for years because it’s too technical — I know I’m being a big baby about it, but I know how to do so many things!!!! I’m surprised all my food pic taking friends don’t shun me….

    D) Plus I am lazy. I don’t want to upload the pictures. I want to happen by magic. I love this level of new laziness. Brought on by technology. Instant gratification-itis

    Forgive my camera rant in your post.


  8. Amanda says:

    LOVE YOU, JACKIE!!! and for the record – I have a DROID!!! I haven’t drunk the iphone koolaid either! 😀 And you pretty much stated my exact sentiments on lugging around a dslr. i’m not trying to get robbed, i’m lazy, it’s big, i want instant gratification. 🙂 and on the reals, it was effing awesome getting to hang with you! (i almost had a good enough picture of you cooking the first night to use but that whole phone thing makes so much blurry and if it’s not perfect lighting then i’m screwed!) XOXO!!!

  9. Really a droid? I do love my droid… Now I’m confused, which one? Mine hates people. Only takes good shots of food. Maybe I’m always in crappy light. The light was gorgy that day.

    more phone pondering ahead


  10. Amanda says:

    i have the droid incredible! i actually chose it because it had a decent camera. not as good as the iphone 4 though. (got it before that came out though!) now i’m at the place where i have instagram envy and they have no plans on releasing a droid app! LAME! XOXO!

  11. Your pics are soooooo good. They truly show the love from everyone.

  12. Amanda says:

    aaaw! thanks so much, jenny! hope you are fabulous! xoxo!

  13. I’ve been reading blog posts about the BSP2 for several weeks now, and I’m completely envious. I wanted to go this year but had booked that weekend for a friend that was supposed to be in the US for the summer–she works in the Middle East–then she had to cancel at the last minute. So I was bummed to miss her AND the potluck. Hopefully next year!

  14. Loco Foodie says:

    The peaches look delish, awesome site by the way. Thanks! 🙂