Purple Peruvian Potatoes

Purple Peruvian Potatoes and Other Fun 4th Foods

Twice Baked Purple Peruvian Potatoes
Eater rating: 4.4 / 5  4.42

For the Fourth of July, we ate chicken breast with a citrusy honey-ginger marinade and pork tenderloin with a chipotle and worchesterchire marinade. The meats were grilled up along side hot house tomatoes and cheesy twice baked purple peruvian potatoes.

Marinated Pork Tenderloin Kabobs
Marinated Pork Tenderloin Kabobs
A:Happy late independence day, T.
T:Happy day after independence day. Do you feel more independent now that we’ve had independence day? or… I guess I should say, are you happier about your independence?
A:uh..um… yeah. i guess i’m pretty happy about my independence. i mean, i’m sure happy we don’t have a dictator (although sometimes it feels that way). so apparently the 4th is the busiest beach holiday of the year. Over 1.5 million people hit the beaches in san diego county alone yesterday.
T:holy crap that’s a lot of people! Seriously, that’s nuts! Wow. where did they all come from? where did they all go?
A:the beach, man. they went to the beach! as far as where did they all come from.. the whole country must have flocked to SD.
T:That’s truly insane. That’s a lot of people. Yo.
A:no shit. apparently the 1.5 million people left an insane amount of trash and tents on the beaches too. THANKS PEOPLE.
T:Pretty standard. Have you ever seen New Orleans after Mardi Gras?
A:unfortunately i have. and what a landfill that place looks like.
T:Is it too early for hurricane jokes?
A:i dunno. the city is still in shambles… maybe we should hold off.
T:You’re probably right. Although we can at the very least make fun of Ray Nagin. Heheh. He’s funny.
A:heheh heheh hehehe chocolate city. 😛 what a funny man. okay, before this gets any more political…
T:So, how about them purple peruvian potatoes?
A:I know! they taste just like normal potatoes, and just like Marianne said, they did turn a lovely lavender color when i mashed them up and mixed them with cream. unfortunately my oh-so-patriotic meal didn’t really look patriotic at all. it more looked like i had school spirit…Geaux Tigers! hehehe
T:Hooray! It’s true, they were like little LSU potatoes. If we were tailgating before a football game we would be so cool with those little things.
A:it’s a shame i never tailgated. they were pretty good, flavorwise, but nothing out of the ordinary twice baked potato realm.
T:They were out of the ordinary because they were purple. They were damn tasty, too… although they did taste pretty much just like potatoes.
A:mmmm… potatoes with cheese, and butter and chives and cream and garlic ….. mmmm
T:heheh, yeah, I was about to say, they tasted just like potatoes with a bunch of good crap mixed in.
A:i couldn’t have said it better myself, mista t!
T:We’ve talked a lot about those funny little purple peruvian potatoes, but the ka bobs were worth mentioning for sure. I particularly liked the ginger chicken ka bobs. MMmm.
A:The meats were really the highlight of the meal for me. Although they were in different marinades they both rocked. And frankly, they were both a take off of marinades used at previous jobs. The chicken was very closely linked to the Honey LIme Chicken at Harvest in baton rouge that bobby made, and the pork marinade was loosely based off of Pat’s number one catering seller that we made while i was working at Rocket.
T:So, did Bobby use ginger in the honey lime chicken?
A:yup. not as much as i did. I actually made the marinade from 1/2 solids and 1/2 liquid. a butt ton of ginger and garlic, and i omitted the lemon juice, just because i didn’t have any. and it had more honey, i wanted it to be pretty sweet to compete with the ginger and garlic. anyway, bobby really hit home with that marinade.
T:How does a butt ton convert to the metric system… for our european readers.
A:silly T! you know i don’t know the metric system! i’m just a stupid american! 🙂 do they use ounces or is it grams… i think it’s grams. i would need to look at a conversion chart!
T:can you give a measure in ounces?
A:yeah. it was about 4oz of ginger and 4oz of garlic, minced to a little under 8oz of liquids and honey.
T:awesome. now we know that 1 butt ton (bT) = 4 oz. That’s going to make my life so much easier. Thanks mandy!
A:dude! dude! dude! this is the thing about the butt ton… it’s always evolving. sometimes it might mean 4 oz, and some times it might mean 40 lbs. you just don’t know.
T:ok, so…. uhhh. damn. This screws everything up. So I should assume the average of 40lbs and 4oz = 1bT?
A:no.. no dogg. you totally shouldn’t assume such a silly thing. you aren’t getting me! a bT is undefinable. it’s what it needs to be, when it needs to be it. you can’t label it with your silly mathmatically theory crap. it just is.
amanda sings a bad rendition of “let it be”
T:So it’s like the pythagorean theorem (according to shaq). I understand. Shaq always makes math understandable.
A:hehehhehehhehehe NO… seriously… NO. shaq, shaq, shaq. what a good showing of a typical LSU education. wow. that is too funny.
T:True dat. I’m proud to be all educated n shit from LSU. Man we’re smart.
A:straight up and hands down.
T:Throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care.
A:oh yeah yer. okay, enough! so getting back to the food… i know you aren’t tomato’s biggest fan, but what did you think about these simply grilled fruits.
T:Grilled veggies? They were good but I like how you’ve done grilled tomatoes in the past. I guess you normally marinate them?
A:yup. exactly. these i just did canola oil and salt and pepper. Darren seemed to like them though. they were tasty, just not as tasty as usual.
T:Yeah. Man, Deron would not believe the stuff you make. We might just have to feed him again before he heads back to Louisiana.
A:your mammy has requested that we eat some stuffed bread before he returns. which means… WE get to eat some stuffed bread…. woo hoo!!
T:Woo hoo is right. That’s an under-blogged item of yours, I believe. Always a favorite of anyone who eats it.
A:cool! we have something to look forward to. So what do you rate all of this 4th food?
T:I rate it a 4.51/5. Super meats, super taters, good tomaters. The chicken was my fave, though.
A:🙂 While i really dug the chicken, the pork was my favorite. All that chipotle and worchestershire and garlic and stuff. maybe i’ve just eaten more of the chicken. anyway, I give this meal a 4.33/5. It would have gotten higher if it had all come together a little more and looked like a 4th themed meal. oh well! at least it was yummy!
T:Yeah, that’s all I care about. I think a bunch of stewed meat on rice is about as pretty as it gets, but it’s not normally regarded for its looks. All about the yum factor.
A:heard that! the looks thing is pretty much why i don’t cook too much stewed stuff and rice anymore. i just can’t get it to look particularly pretty in a photo.
T:hmmm… there must be a solution for this… or maybe it is like the pythagorean theorem…?

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

5 comments so far:

  1. I’ve actually heard that they measure the attendance at Mardi Gras by how much trash they collect when it’s done.

  2. adam says:

    A bT is kind of like a scoshe in my house. Just a scoshe of cayenne …..

    But I like butt ton. Too bad we’re not talking about bushels or pecks, cause I’d school y’all on that. I knows my bible measurements.

  3. Marianne says:

    Yay! I heart my name in print.

  4. Rorie says:

    Hey, where did you find those swell purple potatoes? They look divine!

  5. Amanda says:

    Michelle, I wouldn’t doubt that at all. The trash from Mardi Gras is out of control!

    Adam, i’m gonna have to give you credit for the bible measurements. I may be able to un-define a butt ton, but ask me about a bushel or a peck and i’m lost. hmm… a scoshe! i’ll have to steal or words! i’m a word stealer!

    Woo hoo!!! I know that’s not the first time your names been in print, Marianne! 🙂 but it still makes us happy to highlight our friends.

    Rorie, I actually found those delightful purple potato nuggets from the Henry’s on Rosecranz. They don’t always have them, but ever now and again i see them there. I think the fall and winter are their main growing season, so maybe they’ll hit more markets then!