Chicken Mole

Mex-Amand-ican Chicken Mole

Mex-Amand-ican Chicken Mole garnished with avocado and cotija
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Tonight’s dinner was a loose interpretation of a traditional mexican mole. Actually it could have been closer than loosely based, but seeing as how I’m neither Mexican nor a mole expert, I just don’t know. -Amanda

T: I love mole, and you *hooked it up* tonight.
A: :-) why thank ya mista T! I have only cooked mole one other time, but i have eaten it A LOT lately, so i think my basic understanding mixed with my tastebudal memory allowed me to make a fairly good version.
T: you have a keen tastebudular memory. Very impressive :-) So out of curiousity, how much chocolate goes into your mole?
A: um… i don’t really know.. i guess that’s why i’m not writing a recipe tonight, i just kind of fanagled this meal. i initially put in too much chocolate and then had to take out like 1/3 of my chocolate, onion, garlic, chipotle mix and doctor it from there. there is definately such a thing as too chocolately of a mole.
A: if i had to guess.. in the end i would say it was like… um… maybe three ounces… maybe.
T: what kind of chocolate did you use?
A: i used some organic chocolate i got from a market called ‘jimbos’ in del mar. all they had was bittersweet, although you are supposed to use unsweetened mexican chocolate for mole.
T: ahh, is that why you had to doctor it, because the bittersweet chocolate made it too sweet?
A: yup! you hit the nail on the head. but, it all worked out in the end. I’m just really not a fan of sweet mole.
T: yeah, I like your not-sweet mole more than I like sweet moles. I’d be a cold-faced liar if I said I didn’t like a sweet mole too, though.
A: well we wouldn’t want that! We are still on the hunt for the great mole. It all started with our cross country road trip last summer to San Diego (before we moved here). We ate the most amazing mole in San Antonio, TX at a restuarant called Mi Tierra… my god, that was the end for me. we’ve been on the hunt for the great mole ever since.
T: Yeah, Mi Tierra was unreal. The place is enormous, and the ceiling is totally full of silver, shiny mexican decorations. The entire place twinkles. It’s insane. We ate there at like 10:00pm and it was packed. I can’t wait to go back next time we’re in San Antonio.
A: I know.. i really don’t know when that will be, but you can bet we’ll make an appearance there for the mole.
T: Hell yeah. That reminds me, will we be having bread pudding anytime in the next few days? :-)
A: hell yeah, back at you! we sure will, i’m good to my word. it hasn’t been a week yet… at least.. i don’t think it’s been a week yet. this weekend it will all go down.
T: Oh baby. Well, now that’s just delightful to hear. It’s been ages and ages since we’ve had bread pudding.
A: you sure about that??? if i recall correctly, i made bread pudding like.. less than a month ago when we went to Irvine…
T: yeah, well.. that’s pretty long time.
A: hehehheheh Alright, it’s a commitment, this weekend. On a different note (the note this blog is supposed to be about) I give this meal a 4.2/5. For being a near culinary failure initially, it turned out damn good! and the avocado and cotija seemed to be perfect accompaniments.
T: Yeah, i also liked the avocado and cotija cheese. I’ll give this one a 4.39/5. It was great. I can’t wait to try more moles in the future. I wonder who has the best mole in Southern California… readers, any ideas?
A: We are definately open for suggestions… eventually we will get to all the recommend places. this weekend i see lebanese in our future. 😀
L: I would say a 4.7/5. I thought it was excellent. I loved the cheese and avocado.. it just balanced everything perfectly
A: Well thank you very much, i’m glad you enjoyed it!
A: Thank you!
T: It’s worth noting that we are drinking Framboise tonight. Quite the fine and tasty beer beverage. We’ll have to blog it some day.
A: No doubt… it’s a shame we didn’t drink it last night (and blogg it). it was a celebratory purchase! (i got a job, finally) but.. there will certainly be more
T: Wooo hoooo! Cheers to the new job!!! 😀
A: THANKS!!! hopefully it won’t interupt the blogging!
T: Yes, we must blog on! I mean, we’ll still be eating!
A: certainly! Blog on Peeps!
T: Blog on.

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  1. Regan says:

    Amanda, Congrats on the job! I’ll be calling this weekend to find out more about it.