Lamb and roasted veggie couscous

Marinated Lamb Chops and Roasted Veggie Couscous

Marinated lamb chops and roasted veggie couscous
Eater rating: 4.5 / 5  4.5022

For dinner, we’re eating lamb chops marinated in a mint-tamarind vinegarette. The chops are topped with the mint vinegarette and served with a roasted veggie couscous filled with roasted fresh red peppers, red onions, asparagus, and yellow squash.

T: howdy ho, Mandy.
A: if “howdy ho” weren’t a common phrase, you’d be getting your butt kicked right now. 🙂
T: sweet, I’m safe. Is there any of this couscous left over?
A: only enough to feed a small army. (of hungry men)
T: I’m an army of one.
A: heheh they got to you!!! damn them, those sneaky governmental bastards. they’ve brainwashed you with their commercials.
T: Actually they got the phrase “army of one” after they saw me walking down the street one day.
A: uh… yeah… t. i’m totally buying that. you’re such a hoss…
T: thanks. I know. That’s why I installed the full-length mirror next to the computer screen. Watch how my biceps ripple as I type.
A: hehehe god i hope no one reading this actually thinks that’s true. that’s just a scary thought. sooo… now we know what you think of yourself, how about what you think of the meal?
T: I thought it was great. I really haven’t had much in the way of couscous before, but I dug it. And I liked how it had lots of tasty veggies mixed right in. The lamb rocked too. The sauce stuff on top was quite good, and different from anything I remember you making in the past. What all was in that sauce again?
A: it had a bunch of mint and parsley, as well as tamarind paste, serrano chiles, lemon juice, and even a splash of vinegar (and oil of course). It was pretty darn tasty if i do say so myself. Anyone who knows me knows i’m a fool for lamb, so i would have had to really screw up dinner for me not to enjoy it.
T: Those were 2 really solid items (the lamb and the couscous). And by solid I mean good. I want more. More! More!
A: woah… calm down my stallion. there is more couscous, just no more lamb. you’re going to have to fill up on those cute little grain-looking pastas. This meal really tied itself together well because the meat was marinated with the same sauce that was served on it, and the couscous was seasoned with the sauce as well. they all had similar yummy flavors.
T: yet at the same time the lamb tasted quite different from the cous cous. What did you do with the serrano chiles before putting them into the cous cous?
A: actually, i put two serrano chiles into the sauce, but even with two whole chiles (seeds left in) i still couldn’t really taste the heat. i don’t think it was just me. I really think they were some bunk chiles. where da heat wud??? huh chiles? where it wud??
T: Mandy the chiles can’t hear you, sweety. Ok, so what were the peppers in the cous cous?
A: ahhh… those were part of my roasted veggie medley. 😛 those were just roasted red peppers, along with the roasted asparagus, yellow squash, and red onions.
T: those roasted peppers really set the salad off for me. Yum-oh. 😛
A: okay. now i can handle you calling me “ho” here and there. and i can even tolerate and ignore the “mandy” you just said, but WTF! i know you did not use that wretched rachael ray catch phrase “yum-o”! uh… i don’t know if i can continue writing this post with you. i’m horrified.
T: 😀 hahahaha I knew that would get you all riled up. I think you’re yum-o, mandy!
A: uh… i’m not talking to the man who just said “yum-o, mandy”. so if any readers out there would like to engage me in conversation now, that would be nice.
T: <time elapses> I don’t think any readers are going to take you up on that… uhh. This isn’t live chat here. We’re actually in a text editor.
A: heheh, damn it! 😉 you win. i’ll talk to you. but you still riled me up and shattered my world.
T: Hey, I was just thinking. We should change our blog name to “30 minute blog posts.” Watcha think? Yum-o or no-go?
A: my god this is just getting worse and worse. i think we should change the title to “thirty minutes of tyler getting his ass kicked”.
T: wow that would be brutal. It’s a good thing I’m into that sort of thing 😛
A: TMI, baby. (wink wink) okay, can we leave rachael ray out of it long enough to give a rating? whatcha think?
T: I’m giving this one a 4.56/5. It was quite tasty, and quite refreshing and new. The lamb was cooked well, too. I’ve got no complaints. And I will definately be eating more of the couscous later tonight. Like in 5 minutes.
A: I agree, t. this meal was just damn tasty. I gave it a 4.444…4/5 that’s right. a 4.4444/5. why the arbitrary numbers??? because arbitrary makes me happy.
T: ok, enough of this bloggin sillyness. Let’s go eat some couscous!

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

12 comments so far:

  1. sam says:

    that looks like a juicy piece of lamb. Where’s my dinner invite ?

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks sam! and of course you’ve an open invite whenever you make it down to the san diego area! seriously, we’d love to have you 🙂

  3. John says:

    Hi Amanda, your lamb and couscous looks DELISH!! :O)~ MY GOLLY GEE!! I hope I get a spankin for this.

  4. Alternati says:

    mmmmm… couscous. I got pimped by The Queer Chef (second time!) I was thrilled “balut” is in the list of weirdest thing you ate in the poll >>>>>

  5. RennyBA says:

    Here from Cueer Chef and say hello from Norway!
    What a great blog you have – my mouth is watering wile looking around as I love to see and read about other culture, tradition and habits – also in food. Thanks for sharing your daily food experience – I’ll be back:-)

  6. Amanda says:

    Why thank you John! and, if it’s a spanking you want, i’m sure we can find a way for you to get one 😉

    I’m happy to have you back Alternati! I just love comment whoring around.

    Thanks Renny! we’d love to have you back. I also check out your site and really enjoy the cultures and traditions of your culture i got to read about there… cheers!

  7. Mae says:

    Tasty! Looks very tempting… but i read there’s no more leftover. Darn. I’m always late for everything!

  8. Gabriella says:

    Would you like directions to my apartment so you can come make this for moi?


  9. Amanda says:

    gabriella, actually that would be quite fun sometime! and i do so love lamb!

  10. Emma says:

    Thanks for your entry to DMBLGIT – have a look at all the entries here.

    Lamb is my favourite meat, or maybe chicken, or beef?! And that certainly looks wonderful!

  11. Christa says:

    This looks like a fabulous meal! Could you please post the recipe?

  12. Marcia says:

    That looks like my dinner last night! I had lamb chops, topped with some “jelly-like” mint sauce… and couscous w/red onions also! I’m also salivating over the thought of your other recipes… 😛

    Come visit me in Porto, Portugal, and I’ll show you around (so you can cook somethin for me as well, LOL)!