Fig Butter and Pork Tenderloin

Fig Butter and Pork Tenderloin

Bleu cheese, fig butter, pork, and green beans
Eater rating: 4.4 / 5  4.435

Tonight we’re eating roasted pork tenderloin on a bed of blanched green beans tossed with a spicy garlic-infused oil. The pork was topped with a homemade fresh balsamic fig butter and crumbled danish bleu cheese.

T: let me just say that I love the combination of figs and pork. and bleu cheese.
A: and let me just second that…. emooootion. okay, even i think that was just wrong. i second that motion. they were a great pairing. figs and bleu cheese is definately a classic flavor combo.
T: is it fig season? when is the best time for figs?
A: the summer, i believe. i guess it’s nearing the end of fig season. I found these at the produce market and bought them a while ago. unfortunately i didn’t get around to using them until they were on the very ripe end of the spectrum, so i had to cook them.
T: so how did you make the fig butter? sounds like you would mix butter and figs, but it sure didn’t seem like that.
A: nope, nope. no butter in it at all. Think along the lines of “apple butter” basically stewed down figs. for this i sauteed some diced onion, sweated it down, added some chopped fresh figs, some water, balsamic vinegar and salt. I just let it cook over a simmer for a while and kind of mushed it together. very technical, all of it. 😛
T: how much balsamic did you use? a splash? a few splashes? I guess i would need to know how much of everthing else was in it for that to mean anything. Give me some ratios here.
A: uh… i dunno. i was thinking about how to write this recipe, but i didn’t pay attention to how many figs i used. It was a pretty large number of them. I’m thinking like 3/4 a cup of water and 3 tbsps of balsamic.
T: 10, 15 figs? 35?
A: uh.. man. i suck. 😉 i really don’t know. if i had to guess i would say between 10 and 15.
T: ok well that narrows it down. I just wanted to get a ballpark because I had no clue. Well, I loved the pork, figs, and bleu cheese. The green beans were beautiful. I mean, the beans themselves were really fine specimens. Large, green.
A: and beans?
T: Yes, and beans. And they were cooked to perfection. Crisp, crunchy. You could taste the nutrients. That doesn’t sound too good but I mean it in a good way. You know what I mean. Closer-to-raw veggies taste.. more like veggies! Mmm.
A: mmm mmm. totally. it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve eaten a home cooked meal.
T: it really does. What have we been eating? I’m pretty sure I’m still gaining weight everyday…
A: but of course you are. carnitas will do that to you. I’m thinking we’ve been eating dumplings…. lots of dumplings.
T: oh yeah. and we had a wicked dumpling fest with the leftover Indian curry sauce. that was awesome!
A: seriously badass. people should definately try it. take the hottest indian food you can possibly eat, then toss in some dumplings. seriously good eats.
T: That Indian food was really hot. That was out of control! I loved it though.
A: i know. i must be some kind of crazy masochist because i could eat that for every meal and MY GOD did i feel the heat.
T: I know I was sweating, i had tears running down my face, my nose was running. I was drooling a little. It was like being doused with tear gas. a little bit.
A: or pepper spray. i can only imagine how much that stuff burns.
T: I don’t want to imagine it. I’ve heard stories. So have you since you were there when I was being told the stories. Anyway, I’m going to rate the meal. I give it a 4.52. It rocked the casbah. What did you think?
A: i too thought it rocked! I give it a 4.35/5. definately tasty and one i would like to eat again. i don’t know if we ever will but the flavor combo was great. and the previously unmentioned potatoes were a lovely consistency.
T: they didn’t make it into the photograph. I was pleasantly suprised to see them on the plate after the photo shoot though!
A: there just wasn’t enough room on the plate for everything without over crowding.
T: understandable. You are the plater. I never have to think about these things. I just put the camera on the tripod.
A: then you take glorious pictures.
T: As do you. What a lot of people don’t know is that you take the pictures on this site too. We both take pictures. Every single time we blog. Then we pick the best photo(s). Back in the day I took all the pictures, but it’s better now. I like to be inspired by your fresh perspectives.
A: well thank you mista t. although more often than not you are the one with the killer pics.
T: Thank you for the ridiculously awesome subject matter. 🙂
A: okay okay… enough with the compliments! we both kick ass, now where’s the mochis?
T: umm… I ate them all.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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  1. I LOVE figs and pork! I think figs get a bad wrap, but they’re really versatile and delicious…as you’ve shown us here!

  2. fabienne says:

    wow this looks really good, i’ll have to try this with seitan instead of pork. yum!

  3. aria says:

    mmmmm, i *just* got some figgies too. i haven’t a clue what to make either. they tell me they would like to be stuffed. this pork looks delicious, i’m so hungry now. drooooool…..

  4. Alice Q says:

    This looks REALLY good. Lately I have been eating fig jam with bleu cheese on toasted italian bread. I highly recommend it – it’s almost the same flavor combination with no cooking!

  5. Gabriella says:

    you two crack me up. That fig butter sounds divine!

    Writing down the recipe is so hard!!! my tip is to tape a piece of paper to a cupboard by your cutting board and a pen right by it. Then I make notes as I go.

  6. Kady says:

    Your presentation skills are EXCELLENT! Nice photo.

  7. Denise says:

    Amanda! you never fail to make me happy by just reading your blog(: Do you have any tips of cooking something without using the stove or over? I am stuck in a place with just the microwave to survive with and I am sick of eating fast food!Thanks(:

  8. Amanda says:

    thanks michelle! maybe it’s our duty as fig lovers to change this bad wrap that those poor little figgies have! btw, i swear i’m going to email you soon… today hopefully!!!

    thanks fabienne! really that fig butter would be good on just about anything…..hmmm…okay. i’m sure there are things it wouldn’t be good on, but i just can’t seem to think of any!

    aria, if the figgies tell you they want to be stuff, then i simply can’t wait to see what you stuff them with! 🙂

    alice q., we are definately on the same page!!! (and what a wonderful page it is.) figs and bleu cheese really go great together!

    thanks gabriella!!! it really is hard to remember what the heck you’ve done for a meal three days later!!! that is definately a good tip!

    why thank you kady!!! that is one of the nicest compliments you could give me! (considering that i really struggle with my platting 🙂 )

    thanks denise!!! it’s good to hear from you 🙂 i definately remember all the crappy food i was forced to eat while living in the dorms with only a microwave! i have to admit i really didn’t cook anything more than chicken noodle soup, ramen, and tv dinners but i’m gonna think about this and i will come up with some cookign tips or recipes for the microwave! (just don’t ever try to hard boil an egg in the microwave… i did that once and when i took it out and tried to peel it, it exploded all over me and burned the crap out of me! wow. i was silly.)

  9. Glenna says:

    God, that’s gorgeous!

  10. Amanda says:

    why thank you, miss glenna!

  11. Nicole says:

    I always catch on to things late! Your blog is amazing and I have to try this pork!