bacon bleu cheese stuffed turkey burger

Bacon, Basil, and Bleu Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger

Bacon, Basil, and Bleu Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger
Eater rating: 4.4 / 5  4.375

tonight we’re eating an oldie but a goodie: turkey burgers, seasoned with thyme, garlic and worchestersire. The burgers were stuffed with bleu cheese, bacon and basil and dressed with roasted tomatoes, thinnly sliced zucchini, spinach and lemon vinegarette. Roasted baby zucchini accompanied the burgers.

bacon bleu cheese stuffed turkey burger
Bacon and Bleu Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger Innards
T: I don’t know why other burger joints can’t figure it out.
A: figure what out?
T: how to make a burger this good.
A: 🙂 all they would have to do is season the damn meat and stuff it with goodness. the question really is just why places don’t do that!
T: ahh, well we are lucky you know the secret! so, how did you season the turkey?
A: i just used chopped fresh thyme, garlic, onions, worchesterchire, and S&P.
T: S&P?
A: you know… the seasoning gods… Salt and Pepper
T: haha, duhhh. 😛 Did you use only turkey?
A: yup… i wanted to eat something that at least had a healthy base if I was gonna be adding bacon to the middle of it. I am a huge advocate of replacing beef with turkey!
T: yeah, me too. You can hardly tell it’s not beef!
A: i know. seasoning is really key. and stuffing.. i think maybe if it were just a large chunk of ground turkey you might notice more.. but….
T: yeah, all the bleu cheese… mmmm… levels the playing field. The baby zucchini was great too. Quite tasty.
A: i agree.. but it was over cooked. i prefer my zucchini to be crisp, this was no where near crisp.
T: no, not crisp. tasty, though. I rate the meal a 4.45/5. It would have gotten a higher score a month ago, but we’ve had so much good food lately 🙂
A: we have, except eating out. we ate that mega salty burger from chili’s and then i had the worst hamburger ever yesterday. i really needed a burger redemption. and this was it. I give this burger a 4.3/5. I would eat this again, and again, and again.
T: oh, damn. heheh I can’t imagine what that terrible burger from yesterday would have been rated. yeah, I just realized why we never have really low scores- when the food’s that bad we don’t bother blogging it.
A: that really is the truth. if i had to rate yesterday’s burger it would have received below a 1. i think it would have been like a 0.3/5 or something.
T: yeah. If I rated the enchiladas from yesterday they would have gotten a 1/5 probably. That’s being nice.
A: and you are so nice 😀 but as you said just a second ago, we just don’t blog nastiness.
T: no, we don’t. A food probably has to earn like a 2.5 or better to actually get blogged. Our scale could span from 2.5 to 5 instead of 0 to 5. 😉
A: i mean.. if we took a pretty shot of some crappy food, maybe we could blog that. We did eat that really mediocre mediterranean food and blog about it.
T: yeah that’s true. heheh we also had that terrible fruit salad that looked so pretty!
A: yup, blogged that too.
T: We sure do spend a lot of our blog talking about our blog! That might be considered poor form!
A: oops! on to a new topic…
T: uhhh. So it sure has been warm lately.
A: hehehe not really… but Sweetnicks made a killer cobb panini that we will for sure be eating a version of soon.
T: oooh. I don’t even know what that is, I’ll have to go take a looksie.
A: everyone should.. at least if you’re as much a fool for sandwiches as i am.
T: yes, everyone should, but I’m not sure that means a whole lot. hahaha, I mean, everyone should know that tomatoes are not vegetables!
A: 😛 but unfortunately like… 3 people don’t.
T: heheh. well it’s never too late to learn. 🙂 I couldn’t swallow pills until I was 16 years old, but look at me now! I swallow pills every day!

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana!

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  1. Scott says:

    These burgers sound amazing – Maybe it’s cleaning off the back porch and uncovering the grill from its winter slumber, maybe it’s the fact that I have enough leftover bacon from Brunch… gotta try these!

    Unless someone figures out an extreme genetic modification (or the gov’t takes a break from passing laws and banning foie gras), tomatoes cannot be a vegetable… Sure we cook with them as such, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a fruit (being a ripened ovary, and not a leaf, stem or root. President Regan managed to get ketchup classified as a vegetable (Fruit + sugar, spices, vinegar = vegetable? — I guess people really are fruits too.)Botanists are still shaking their heads in disbelief.

  2. Us says:

    Thank you Scott! Someone has finally taken my side in this silly “argument” over the tomato. My home life has been nothing but a mess, with two people constantly telling me yeah, it’s a fruit, but really a veggie! AGH…it’s exasperating. Certainly the gov’t won’t get around to officially changing it to a vegetable now that regan is out of office and as you mentioned, they are on to bigger and better things (aka foie gras). Hopefully all the foie gras silliness won’t spread out of the midwest! Make the burgers and enjoy, there’s little better than meat stuffed with meat! – amanda

  3. pam says:

    oh. yum. heaven. even though my husband won’t eat bleu cheese, i might have to try this anyway. just sneak it in. after all, i have some basil growing on my porch (um, in a pot) so what better way to use it? mmm. he’ll never notice. i’ll tell him it’s mozzarella. heh heh.

    i went to lsu too. grew up in baton rouge. poor me. 😀

  4. Luna says:

    I’m so going to make these. I also love subbing turkey for beef, but my husband really likes beef. We don’t eat pork, so I might try this with a lean beef and a turkey bacon. Hmmm…

  5. Scott says:

    Who knew we’d end up liking bleu cheese so much?
    Made ’em. Love ’em. Even did a quickie blog entry on ’em. You know you’ve got a winner when the pickiest eaters in the house (wife and 3-year old) clean their plates (and/or have seconds). We dressed ours simply with boston lettuce, ketchup and stone ground mustard… gonna try the spinach and lemon vinagrette next time.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Us says:

    Thank you so much scott! it’s weird (but very exciting & rewarding) to think of people making my recipes. I’ve been cooking for over a decade but i just recently started writing recipes for what i cook. I appreciate the feed back and love that this burger was able to help convert your wive and 3 year old into bleu cheese fans (i think everyone should be a bleu cheese fan)!

  7. Your site is awesome. I love the pictures, wish there were more of the each in every angle so I can dream more of it! Anyways, I’m new to the food blog industry and wanted to let you know about my site and so you can stop by when you have time. I will be sure to try this recipe soon on the grill and post pictures of my attempt!

    Take care!
    Ron the FoodConn

  8. Us says:

    Ron: we will definately be stopping in, and we will start to harass you if you quit posting (as most blogs live short lives!). Long live food blogging! woo hoo!

  9. Pamela says:

    This looks sensational!!

  10. Us says:

    Thanks Pamela! They are so easy and so tasty! you should definately try them.

  11. Alice Q says:

    Just browsing through your site and came across this burger recipe – sounds great! I love the idea of stuffing the burgers, especially since turkey burgers can be dry sometimes. Cheers! – Alice Q.

  12. Courtney says:

    Where do I find the recipe for the Bacon, Basil, and Bleu Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger?? I can’t seem to locate it on your site.
    Thank you.

  13. Amanda says:

    courtney, sadly this recipe was gobbled up by a damn Mozilla bug that attacked all of your files a few months ago… i will rewrite this recipe for you and have it up soon!

  14. Angi says:

    Where is the recipe…….I would love to try this recipe…..couldn’t find it on the website. Thanx

  15. Angi says:

    Where is recipe for the Bacon, Basil, and Bleu Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger. Please email it to me. Thank you